Wen Fig Conditioner: How Well Does It Work?

If you’ve ever heard of Wen hair, you know that the products are all-natural. You’ve probably also heard that Wen styling and cleansing products are made from essential oils that nourish the hair while thoroughly and protecting the scalp. After watching an infomercial or two, you may be interesting in trying Wen, so here‘s a review from Bustle’s Emily McClure that can help you decide if Wen products are right for you.

Emily McClure from Bustle tried the Fig conditioner from the Wen line for a full week. She said her hair felt better after the first use, and the product improved the condition of her hair throughout the week. McClure did notice that she had to use up to 32 pumps of the conditioner in order to get the best results, and says that after she heat-styled her hair, her hair fell after only a few hours.

Before the week ended, Emily went out with friends and got a number of compliments on her hair. She says that Wen conditioner is ideal for women who use heat on their hair daily, since the product provides a protective shield for the hair to prevent damage. She also says that Fig conditioner works great for women with thin hair.

To order Wen, visit eBay.com, Guthy-Renker.com or this QVC link: http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html.