How Richard Blair’s 3 Pillars Help Them Reach Their Financial Goals

Registered investment advisor at Austin, TX-based Wealth Solutions Richard Dwayne Blair focuses his financial career on providing investment advice that preserves and builds wealth for his clients.


The 23 year industry veteran places a high premium on assisting his clients with achieving their financial goals whether short term investment or for longer term retirement.


As part of his client-centered approach, the roadmap Blair creates assists the individuals he advises with reaching the milestones that mark the path to their investment goals.


Richard Blair’s three pillar approach is a methodology he uses to help his clients create a comprehensive workable plan of action.


The first pillar of Blair’s framework works with clients to help them understand their financial goals and current situation. During this relationship building step, he works with clients as individuals, obtaining a picture of their ability and desire to tolerate risk, available investment opportunities and all strengths that the clients have.


Determining a workable route for his clients based on where they are currently and would like to be and taking into consideration their situational parameters is the focus of this phase of Blair’s process.


Developing a long term investment plan that builds on the client’s needs discussed during the first pillar, the second pillar hones in on financial objectives that are unique to his clients as well as their needs for liquidity.


To achieve these goals, Blair is actively involved in managing his clients’ portfolios, reevaluating and shifting portfolio assets to maximize gains and minimize losses.


The clients’ portfolios are regularly evaluated to measure how they meet the clients’ objectives and the company’s performance standards.


Building on his clients need for security, Richard Blair also advises them on their insurance needs. This third pillar occurs after the clients’ financial goals are clear and are implemented in investment strategies.


At this point, Blair is familiar enough with his clients’ financial positions and objectives that he can provide his clients with a list of life insurance and longterm care insurance options that will limit safeguard the wealth they have worked hard to accumulate.


Richard Dwayne Blair


Founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has 23 years of experience as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


Holding Retirement Income Certified Professionals certification, he also graduated from the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.


National Steel Car: A Reputation for Excellence

The saga of National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz culminated to create a company that is truly unique. Even though National Steel Car has been around since 1912, the company always has an air of change and innovation. Things are never saying the same in National Steel Car because Greg Aziz does not want the company to simply stagnate, he is always interested in moving them forward. To move forward, you must admit that there are always changes that can be made. Aziz is never being afraid to make changes where they are needed. In fact, when he took over the company in 1994 he made sweeping changes that breathe new life back into the crumbling factory.


National Steel Car is a world-famous freight car manufacturer and engineering company. They supply most of the rolling stock for Canada and North America. They have developed a reputation for their impeccable quality and low prices. Gregory James Aziz has proven that sometimes consumers can get good quality at a lower price if they do business with the right company. The first sweeping change that Aziz made was to the quality of material and product that National Steel Car was putting out. If his name was going to be on the product, it was going to be the best possible product he could produce.


Aziz went through and retrained the workers, he increased the workforce to over 3,000 individuals, and he set new standards for workers to follow. From then on, there was no excuse for anything less than perfect. With the new standards, National Steel Car’s reputation blossomed. They grew from creating only 3,500 railcars annually to over 12,000. This was when National Steel Car began to grow. With that new growth, came more attention to quality and the company started filtering money back into the community.


Today, National Steel Car and their CEO Gregory Aziz have a reputation for excellence. Not only have they proven to be an honest company to do business with, but they have also helped their community of Hamilton, Ontario. Clearly, Aziz never forgot that charity starts at home. National Steel Car is paired with many organizations that reach out and do good in the Hamilton community. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


The adventure that is the relationship between Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car, will continue to captivate people as they watch the company grow and do good works and its community. Read This Article to learn more.



Going Up: Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Railroads were the main source of freight transportation in the early 20th century. They were able to bring the largest amounts of goods to buyers in the West, and they were capable of transporting several tons for only a few dollars. In the last 50 years, however, much of this transportation has gone to trucking companies. Trucks are able to provide transportation directly to the customer, and they are often able to do it quicker without having to load and reload at several points along the way. The advent of mass-trucking has caused some concern around railroads and the companies that supply them. This includes one company that was based in a small town in Ontario called National Steel Car.


National Steel Car has been around for nearly a century. This local manufacturer of railroad cars and rolling stock, such as boxcars, hoppers, and coal cars, had been a staple in the community and had contracts with all of the major railroads in the region. However, cash flow issues caused by the shift to trucking caused the owners to stop investing in the company. They just wanted to recoup their losses and then sell the company for parts. Management did not have clear directives, and the company shifted to a low-cost model that was not in demand. NSC was close to dying when Gregory James Aziz stepped in and purchased the company in 1994.


Gregory James Aziz is an investor and businessman. He has a long track record of taking struggling companies with a local influence and turning them into multi-million-dollar international companies. He had just done it with Affiliated Foods, his family’s company, in the decades prior to purchasing NSC, and he was about to do it again.


When he arrived at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz noticed that they were not focused on engineering to customer standards. He created a strategy to use the engineering knowledge that was in the area and hiring top talent to focus on creating the best designs and safest railcars around. He also put more capital into the company and increased production capacity in anticipation of customers coming back for the higher-quality cars. He was right on all counts, and customers started flocking back to National Steel Car.


Gregory Aziz has the ability to read markets and bring companies back from destruction. His successes have turned National Steel Car into the premier rolling stock company in Canada, with distribution to all corners of North America. The trucking companies may still have an edge on railroads, but with Greg Aziz at the wheel, anything is possible.  Read This Article for more information.


Hussain Sajwani Rises to The Occasion

As a young boy in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani worked long hours for his father in the family business, a variety store that sold Chinese imports, consumer goods, and office supplies. He spent a lot of time behind the counter waiting on customers and learning the trade.

He remarked to his father that he would probably never be a self-employed businessman because the hours were too long. He would rather get a degree and be a professional and work regular hours.

Sajwani did go to college as he was awarded a scholarship to the University of Washington in the United States where he earned degrees in economics and engineering. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

He returned to Dubai where he worked for a local gas company as an engineer.

That career ended, however, when he started a catering firm that provided food to the US Army during the Gulf War. He had great success with that venture and the company is still in business.

In 2002 Hussain Sajwani started the company DAMAC, a real estate development company.

The UAE had just announced the elimination of blocking the immigration of foreigners into the country. Sajwani was predicting a very large real estate boom because of this. DAMAC was poised to provide luxury apartment and villas for well-to-do immigrants.

One of Sajwani’s major talents was that of promotion and marketing. He wasted no time getting started, a soon the DAMAC brand was well known all over the countryside. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Celebfamily and Hussain Sajwani | LinkedIn

In fact, the first project that he initiated was sold out before any construction had even begun. One of his trademark slogans was, “A New Bently For Each Apartment.”

People really loved Sajwani’s luxury dwellings as the apartments and villas sported stylish Italian interiors and sumptuous appointments.

He contracted with Donald Trump prior to Mr. Trump’s election to President of the US to build Tiger Woods-designed Trump golf courses in several of his properties.

Sajwnai used conservative business strategies in his business such as paying cash for his land purchases, financing very little of his construction and keeping separate bank accounts and accounting records for each property.

DAMAC has completed 19,000 apartments and has 44,000 more in various levels of construction since the inception of the company.

Lazaro Brandao Steps Down, Names Luiz Carlos Trabuco As Successor

Lazaro Brandao is one of Brazil’s most famous and admired financiers. Over a career that has spanned more than 75 years, all of which Brandao has spent at Grupo Bradesco, the inveterate banker has gone from teller all the way to chairman of the board. Brandao is the only person to simultaneously hold both the positions of CEO and chairman of the board over a long period. He is also widely regarded as personally responsible for much of the banks incredible success and growth.

Well past retirement age, Brandao’s departure still makes some nervous

In fact, so inextricably linked have been the fate of Bradesco to that of Brandao that many investors have voiced extreme concern at his departure, even as the nonagenarian banker rapidly approaches his 92nd birthday. But Brandao is quick to reassure concerned shareholders and board members that his replacement, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, is as good a man as any to fill the job. In fact, Brandao says, Trabuco may be the single best person anywhere on Earth to become the next chairman of the board.

Similar stories, different eras

Although Trabuco and Brandao have many similarities in their stories, the two came up through the ranks in different eras. Brandao first came to work at Bradesco at the age of just 16, in 1943. That year marked the first full year of operation for a bank that was started as just a one-branch thrift institution in the town of Marilia, in Sao Paulo state.

Read more: Lázaro Brandão será substituído por Trabuco no conselho do Bradesco

Brandao quickly proved himself to be an able employee, being granted more responsibilities and beginning his rise through the ranks. By 1981, he had reached all the way to the top of the hierarchy, being named CEO. Over the next 36 years, Brandao would hold the positions of both CEO and chairman of the board, simultaneously holding both positions between 1990 and 1999. He would also go on to oversee the most spectacular period of growth not only in the history of Bradesco but in the entire history of Brazilian business.

Trabuco, on the other hand, began working at the bank as a teller in 1969, 26 years after Brandao had first been hired. While Brandao came up through the ranks during the heady days of few regulations and big risks, by the time Trabuco was climbing the corporate ladder, the game had significantly changed. In fact, Trabuco became a major force for modernization within the bank. Although Brandao rightly receives much credit for his role in transforming Bradesco into a national player in Brazil, Trabuco may have been the more influential of the two men on the corporate philosophy and general shape of the business.

Just one example of this is Trabuco’s transformation of the financial planning division. When he was appointed its president, in 1992, the unit was struggling. Through implementation of a program to attract high-net-worth clients, Trabuco was able to grow the unit into one of the most successful business lines in the company, accounting for nearly one third of all revenues. Trabuco enjoyed similar successes as president of the insurance division.

All this adds up to a situation where, while Trabuco hasn’t received the same kind of credit and widespread admiration as Brandao, he is certainly deserving of recognition for his accomplishments and has been a productive and capable asset for Bradesco. There is little question that he will be able to capably lead the bank into the future. Even if some shareholders are not 100 percent satisfied that Trabuco is the best man for the job, they are almost certain to be reassured as the bank moves ahead.

Search more about on Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,9fb1d7fe927d7f26678a7543f82f02edw3u6oihm.html

Louis Chenevert’s Career Shows the Amazing Results of Discipline and Innovation

Louis Chenevert’s rise to the top in the business world was fueled by his hard work and diligence over the years. He has put to practice his management skills that he learned at HEC Montreal well in his career path. In the process, Louis has grown to be a figure to emulate by fellow business leaders.

A Showcase of Hard Work

After attaining his degree in production management, Louis Chenevert joined General Motors. He rose to become the firm’s Production General Manager. His ability to contribute to the growth of businesses came out when working for Pratt & Whitney. He was able to grow the business unit in six years, which earned him a promotion to the position of the President. His breakthrough came in 2006 when he joined United Technologies Corporation as the CEO and Chairperson. Louis continued to rise in the technological products manufacturing firm following his imagination and focus. He also led the firm to invest largely in technology and the future, fuelling his success further. During his tenure, the company’s share rose by 200 percent thereby increasing UTC’s earnings. He wrote history when he acquired Goodrich, which made UTC qualify to be a manufacturer on its own. Louis Chenevert left an unbeatable legacy at the firm that the current leaders can only emulate. By using the standards that they inherited from him, UTC has continued to rise.

Recognition and Environmental Awareness

Besides growing his career, Louis Chenevert showed his sensitivity to the environment. He led by example in sensitizing businesses to manufacture products that are eco-friendly. His hard work led him to receive many accolades that celebrated his achievements. In 2009, National Building Museum recognized him. Aviation Week and Space Technology named him the 2011 Person of the Year.

More about Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert’s skills have previously been felt at The Business Council when he served as the Executive Committee deputy chair. 2 years ago, he joined Goldman Sachs as the Merchant Banking Division’s main advisor.

Louis Chenevert is also the Chairman of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee at the Business Roundtable where he is a member of the Executive Committee. He also serves on the US-India CEO Forum.

Louis Chenevert has served in philanthropic missions besides his official engagements. He sits on the Advisory Board at the Yale Cancer Center as the Chairman.

Cameron Clokie; Renowned Canadian Pioneer for Bone Regeneration

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, scientist, entrepreneur and research paper author. He is most notably renowned for his innovative development in using a technique that encourages bone growth through a protein that entices adult stem cells to form into bone tissue.

Among his constituents he is considered a pioneer in the field of bone regeneration. Clokie is the Chief Executive Officer of a treatment facility that focuses developmental research on musculoskeletal regeneration. Biologics Inc. was established in 2008 and along with Dr. Clokie’s gifted aptitude has enhanced patient results through modernized technology and advancement.

Clokie has over 30 years of experience in his practice and as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the University of Toronto. In 1982 he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery and his PhD in bone regeneration associated with interface development in 1992.

He has extensively contributed to the medical community and helped modernize treatment in regard to bio implants and creation of new bone growth technology. He has authored and contributed to many publications involved with oral health and jaw regeneration.

His extensive work utilizing bio implants is presumed to be a future substitute for required autogenous bone grafting. His clinic in Toronto, Ontario provides patients with facial reconstruction and bone restoration.

In recent past history Cameron Clokie successfully managed to regrow a 60 year old patients jawbone when a portion of it had to be removed due to a growth. The patient’s treatments were executed at Mount Sinai and Toronto General Hospitals. Before his discovery of bone morphogenetic protein, a painful procedure of removing other parts of the body and grafting onto needed areas was used. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine

This is why the regrowth of his patients jaw was considered a remarkable milestone. His scientific endeavors and ventures for the future include implanting the human gene into goat fetuses in order to create BMP.

Cameron Clokie is a leading medical advisor for the corporation GenSci Regeneration Sciences. He is a revolutionary contributor and scholar to patients and medical establishments in comprehending and producing technology in the field of bone regeneration.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie:–clokie/c12024915

Doe Deere, Unicorn Queen and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a unique entrepreneur who has received recognition on several occasions for excelling in the competitive industry of makeup. Doe serves as the founder of a successful Internet brand known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime mainly specializes in bold and beautiful colors that are used as lipstick, eye shadow, and blush. According to Doe Deere, using these bold and bright colors brings out her clients’ natural features.


Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

On a daily basis, Doe Deere starts her day at 8:30 a.m without the hell of an alarm clock. Doe ensures that she gets at least nine hours of sleep because her secret to having clear skin is the much-needed rest. Deere resides in Los Angeles where being hydrated is key because the air is very dry. As a result, she starts her day by drinking a glass of water.


Doe Deere is not athletic, but she tries to do some stretches before making breakfast. Her favorite meal is a hot cereal know as grits as well as fruits, fresh orange juice, and yogurt. Deere uses her phone calendar to run her daily schedules and an internal company chatting system to communicate with her team before she reaches the office. Also, her response rate on Instagram and to emails is quite fast throughout the day.


About Lime Crime

In 2008, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime as a side business venture to her company for clothing. During that time, the makeup industry did not accommodate bright colors, only natural looks. As a result, she was motivated to create her own brand of makeup to fit with her clothing business. Since then, Deere’s business venture continues to be successful as she continues to attract a loyal customer base.


Doe studied at FIT in New York City where she majored in fashion design. According to Doe, her fans are considered to be unicorns, people who are different from society but are bold and brave to experiment different shades of lipstick. She has a solid online presence on social media platforms like Instagram where she displays new bold looks which she pairs well with her bright clothing.


Follow Doe Deere on Facebook.