Victoria Doramus Shares The Truth About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is one of those things that people are not going to know unless they experience it. Victoria Doramus is one of the people who have overcome her addictions. She is able to tell the story of what it took to overcome her addictions. One thing that she will say is that addictions are not what many people make it out to be. Among the experiences that Victoria Doramus has with addiction is that it turns out to be very tricky. Even with the 12 step programs, it can be very easy to fall back into the addictive lifestyle.

One thing that Victoria Doramus, a digital print media professional turned philanthropist, has revealed about her addictions and what it took to overcome them was that she had to go to a tough 12 step program. One thing about the 12 step program which is called Burning Tree is that they are very straightforward and they are also hardcore when it comes to the activities they involve her in. For one thing, she had tons of chores for a portion of the day. She had to wake up at 5:45 in the morning for prayer and meditation. Other activities she had to take part in were meetings that were meant to help bring about behavior change.

One of the activities she was involved in were peer confrontations. This is where she was forced to look at herself and how her actions affect others. It helped her regain sobriety and build some healthy character traits. What she (@victoriadoramus) took away from her experience is that she has wanted to help others with the issues that she herself had at some point. She has set up some kind of program which involves a lot of accountability for one another as they make progress towards their goals of sobriety and healthy living. Visit this link to know more how Doramus overcame her addiction.


How Jim Toner Rose From Nothing To Something

Jim Toner is a respected real estate dealer in the United States of America. Coming from the humble background, he fought his way up the ladder and made a name for himself. Entrepreneur Jim Toner is currently a philanthropist and an entrepreneur as well.

Having worked on various projects and lost in some of them, Jim Toner survived by a whisker the sad moment in the industry. He wrote a book that explained more about the merciless people who scam people especially in the cruel world of real estate.

Through his friend, who is a well-known marketer globally. After deciding to rejoin the real estate, he made two resolutions to succeed in the business. One was choosing the most suitable place where he would set up his desired real estate business, and two was selecting the best people in town to work with. He also resolved to be there for his customers on the ground whenever they needed him and his assistance as well. He decided never to trust just anyone in the industry again. He was a good living example of one bitten, twice shy as well as better the devil that you know than the devil that you don’t.

According to Jim Toner, his first market after the comeback was Akron, a small town in Ohio. There were no a considerable number of real estate investors in the market. He managed to close about 200 deals in the past few years. He looked for a tough guy who knew their town in and out. At this time, he was inspired by the Andrew Carnegie words that stated that most millionaires had made millions in the real estate than any other undertaking in the world. He says that when one puts the right amount of investment in real estate, they end up smiling all their way to the bank.

Since he was tired of the few people who were controlling the business, he took the right type of people and gave them the needed resources and the venture began showing the fruits of their labour. He ensured a quality product for his own clients. See his real estate pictures on facebook.

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Matt Bandali-The Force Behind This Expansive Money Opportunity

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is a unique investment opportunity. With current investments of 34.6 billion in the capital that will be paid by the end of June. The primary misunderstanding is most people think these payments are coming from the government, and then there are those you believe payments are coming from unscrupulous companies. In reality, these checks are not a cash handout; monthly returns are based on commitments to ongoing investments.

How Does It Work?

Freedom Checks is merely an investment opportunity, not a misconception as a monthly payout. As Matt Bandali, the force behind this investment opportunity has pointed out, anyone interested in this plan has to know the details of this investment opportunity.

Statue 26-F

Let’a take a look at what this investment opportunity is all about. Laying aside the misinformed information, let’s look at the origins of this investment opportunity. In 1981, U.S. Congress passed laws that allowed master limited partnerships in 1981. When these master limited partnerships were first set up, few regulations were required to set these type of companies.

After a few years of these master limited partnerships, regulations were set up by the government. In 1987, laws called Statue 26-F was set up by the government. These master limited partnerships could operate tax-free under two conditions. FIrst, ninety percent of MLP revenue to be generated has to come from the processing, production, and storage of gas and oil here in the states. Second, a master limited partnership has to pay out checks to their shareholders. According to these new regulations, ninety percent of the investment returns have to are paid to the investors on a monthly basis. Thus, the checks commonly referred to as Freedom Checks. With these new regulations, MLP enjoys significant tax advantages. Under these new regulations, master limited partnerships can quickly grow in their opportunities to search for new gas and oil wells, leaving the avenue open for new profits down the road. Watch this video at Youtube.


If there is so much potential in this investment plan, why is there so much misinformation about this lucrative investment opportunity? Even though the process is elementary as buying stock and receiving a monthly return on your investment, the confusion still exists. Matt Badiali, whose background is in geology and his financial analyst is qualified to help those investors in this high return investment plan. Learn more:

Heather Russel Assumes Her Position as the Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion

On the 4th of June 2018, Heather Russel took up her position as the Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion, a leading consumer credit reporting unit with offices in America, Latin America, and Africa. Welcoming her to TransUnion, Jim Pack, the CEO stated that he was confident she was the right candidate for the job, owing to her immense experience. She has also taken the role of the vice president to the multinational.

The appointment came after a successful interview with the firm. Heather was working with the Buckley Sandler Law Firm before her appointment to this position. Her tenure at Buckley and Sandler saw her switch operations between their offices in New York and Washington D.C. The seasoned leader brings a wealth of experience into the firm and is a strategic addition to help steer it to achieving their vision and mission.

Heather was born and raised in Virginia. She attended the prestigious college of William and Mary in Virginia, where she learned English and Biology. After her first degree, she proceeded to get her Juris Doctor from the Washington College of the American University. Her star started shining brightly early on because, in college, the Law Review Journal awarded her an honor for being the most outstanding graduate. (Source:

As per Crunchbase, Heather has worked for the Fifth Third Bank, The Bank of America and also the Bank of New York Mellon. She has held some administrative posts in her past, which include the chief legal officer, the head of corporate communications and chief judicial officer. She worked for the prestigious Skadden, Meagher & Flom LLP, where she was in charge of the legal acquisitions and corporate finance.

The company’s management has a lot of optimism about their newest addition to the group. Heather (@heatherarussell) replaces John Blenke, the corporate general counsel, corporate secretary and also executive vice president.

Official Contact Details: Heather Russell | LinkedIn

Dr. Mark Mofid- reliable plastic surgeon

The safety of the patient is the most important thing in any medical operation. The life of the patient must be maintained by all the means possible. Professional doctors know this and will always prioritize it. In plastic surgery, the safety of the patient is even more significant. The plastic surgery industry has seen its bad days, numerous cases of surgeries that have gone wrong have been reported to the medical board. People have ended up with deformities when all they were looking for were better body features. As a result of malpractice or medical accidents, some patients, unfortunately, have suffered at the hands of plastic surgeons. In most cases, patients have gone to uncertified professionals for operations.

When looking for a surgeon to perform a medical operation, certification should be the first thing you should look for. If the relevant medical board has not certified a doctor, the best thing is to move on. Until you get a reliable doctor, that’s when you should give up your personal health. A certified doctor knows that he or she is expected to conduct herself or himself with the highest level of professionalism. The certification does not come easy, and there is no way a certified doctor will put his career on the line just for small monetary gains.

One of the reliable plastic surgeons that one can hire in San Diego and La Jolla is Dr. Mark Mofid. He is one of the doctors who value the safety of the patient over money. No matter how much you are willing to pay for an implant, as long as it is not compatible with the human body, there is no way he will give in to a patient’s demands. Dr. Mark Mofid’s services are customized to the body of the patient.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s professionalism in the industry is recognized far and wide. He is among the new breed of plastic surgeons who concentrate on the safety of the patients. Dr. Mark Mofid is a professional after making the industry secure and thus gets the good name the industry deserves. He has been in practice for the last one decade.

The Benefits of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks has been on commercials especially on radios for the past few months and for people who listen to the radio, they have probably heard about Freedom Checks. The commercial highlights how people are getting their share of a payout which is worth $34.6 billion. Individuals are urged to stake their claims by the commercial which highlights specific dates such as February 1, April 1 and May 1 so that they can get a share of the cash being staked out.

Checks is legit according to searches on websites such as Google and individuals can make money from it, and to some people, they claim that it is more like winning the lottery. Matt Badiali is the person who came up with the idea of Checks, and he is even featured on the website of the company explaining more details to interested individuals. From the videos on the site, some people are featured stating how they earned up to $160,923 from the Checks. Visit to know more.

The initiative comes from a real investment strategy. On the monthly or quarterly basis, a return of the money put in the investment is paid to Master Limited Partnerships-investors. After investing in the MLP’s an individual buys units of a company and later earns based on the company’s performance.

The main idea which generated Checks was that these companies find it better to give their profits to individuals who invested in them other than giving their earnings to the government. There are 568 companies in the MLP’s according to Badiali, but he urges individuals to spend in only five of them which have a substantial control in raw materials such as oil, timber and gas which are valued at over a billion dollars in raw materials. Freedom Checks has enabled many individuals to make money more so from investing in the five MLP’s suggested by Badiali.

It is a marketing strategy which guarantees high returns for the individuals who choose to start their investments. Freedom Checks was enacted by Congress as long as a company meets the requirements. Matt Badiali came across this idea when he worked for a financial expert who would take Matt with him to places such as meetings with oil companies and mining corporations to set the trends and discovering of new technologies. During such trips is when Matt learnt about Master Limited Partnerships and got a list of companies which were able to issue Freedom Checks. The companies mostly dealt with oil and gas. Visit:


Real Estate Venture with Hussain Sajwani

One of the requirements of doing well in business is being able to read the future and act before it acts on you. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of the DAMAC Properties, says that this is how they have been able to escape many storms and dominate their market. The DAMAC Premises is the leading real estate firm in the Middle East, CIS and Africa.

Hussain Sajwani says that they are among the few firms that survived the financial crisis. He says that this is because they saw it and accepted it was coming and stayed prepared. The same thing happened in 2008, many real estate firms opened, and the sales of the firm were affected. Hussain Sajwani says that they concentrated on their delivery, which helped them regain their dominance in the industry.

The real estate is unpredictable. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, says that the prices of property today is different from the prices of property tomorrow. He says that one has to grab the opportunities they come across before it’s too late. What may be affordable today may not be afforded the next day.

Hussain Sajwani draws his inspiration from the face of Dubai. He says that he brings his ideas to life by imagining how Dubai will be like 20 years from now. When he feels an idea is valid, he gives it all his energy to bring it to reality. He also travels around the world to see other designs. Sajwani also says that he reads historical books to top up his knowledge.

According to, experience makes us feel like if we did something differently, things could have turned out better. However, for Hussain Sajwani, he believes that who he is today is a series of the decisions that he made in the past years. He wouldn’t want to change anything even if he went back in times.

Other investors should learn this from Sajwani. The failures that we face along the way are lessons to sharpen us. Learn to embrace your entrepreneurship journey and avoid regrets. Mistakes help you learn better ways to do something next time: it is all part of the process.

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Hussain Sajwani – Investments Skills at its Optimum

One common similarity in all humans is the desire to leave a legacy and a rich history. But the variable that always presents itself is that we all got different motivation. For some people, it is the future while for others it’s the past. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties, is a kind of personality that has taken his ambitions to make significant changes in the property industry. Today he has managed to touch every corner of the Middle East by his great entrepreneurship and business skills.

Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of Washington University where he gained valuable skills in sales, marketing, accounting, legal, finance, and administration that has proved to be fruitful in his business. But it will be unfair to ignore the foundation that was placed in him by his entrepreneurial father.

The need for financial independence is the most excellent driving for the DAMAC owner. When he got a prestigious job with GASCO, he used this opportunity to save some capital, and by 1982 he started his catering venture. The business is still performing incredibly with more orders getting to offshore markets, not to forget the more than 200 project he is servicing in the UAE.

Hussain Sajwani is a visionary man who doesn’t gratify himself with success. In the 90s when the number of tourist and traders started to increase in UAE, this was an opportunity for him to build hotels and hospitality services. This chance is what came to be the big idea behind the establishment of DAMAC Properties in 2002.

DAMAC Properties is known for the elegance in construction of luxury properties which include villas and apartments. The company is listed in Dubai Financial Market and has about 2,000 employees. This achievement is because of the incredible track record of completing more than 20,000 units with 44,000 more in different contraction stages. These properties are distributed in the UAE big cities like Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and others in London.

Besides the property business, the DAMAC owner is also involved in the capital market trade, hotel and hospitality, construction materials supply, production of ceramic construction materials, and Al Jazeira services.

As an international brand, Hussain Sajwani is in touch with other big names in the property development. The most iconic partnership is with the American President Donald Trump. The two have worked together to develop Tramp Golf Course in Dubai.

Apart from creating wealth, Hussain Sajwani has occasionally shown his concern for the needy by his generous donations, especially during the fasting period. Connect with Sajwani on LinkedIn.

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Freedom Checks Are Actually A Very Real Thing That Matt Badiali Has Been Trying To Introduce To The Public

Matt Badiali and the press have been talking a whole lot about something called Freedom Checks. While many people ignoring the call to sink money into them due to the fact that they are being perceived by some as a possible scam, the truth is they are a very real thing. One thing that is true about them is that they are not checks from the government but are private checks that come from an investment. Truthfully, a commitment is required to get into this type of investment, and repeated investments are also required to get a nice payout.

While it is true that Matt Badiali has claimed that Freedom Checks are secret program that presidents have been working on for a long time, what he is really talking about are Master Limited Partnerships; otherwise known as MLPs. These are business partnerships that work as publicly traded limited partnerships, and this gives them tax advantages. There are two kinds of MLPs, and these are the kind that revolve around limited partners who buy up MLP shares and those whom are general partners that play a role in operating the MLP every day. They are traded within the United States and are loved for their tax benefits, and they also dispense all assets that are available to investors. Visit the website to learn more.

There is nothing new about Freedom Checks, really, as they have been in existence since the early 1980’s. Today, there are more than 550 companies who can offer Freedom Checks to investors, but they do come with some limitations. The first of these is that most of the revenue that comes from them must be from the oil or gas, processing or production, or storage ans transportation industries in the U.S.A. The second requirement is that they must be paid out on a yearly basis. The reason why so many websites are chalking them up to be some kind of scam is because they don’t understand them or know anything about them.

Freedom Checks come from MLPs that are publicly traded on the stock market, and when their profits go to shareholders, no federal income tax is required. This is akin to trading dividend-paying stocks, and an investor can choose to take the payout or reinvest it. Matt Badiali is highly recommending them, and due to the fact that he has worked for more than twenty years as a natural resource investor, it would be wise to listen to him.



Heather Russell on Working to Make the World a Better Place

Heather Russell has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Throughout the years she has gained experience in executive work, data privacy, security, compliance regulations, acquisitions, mergers, and consumer finance. In the past Russell has served in a number of leadership roles including: Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Fifth Third Bank; Senior Vice President at Bank of America; and most recently as the leader of Buckley Sandler’s financial regulations and fintech practices.

Heather Russell’s experience in many different legal fields has helped her earn her most recent career as TransUnion’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. At her new position, Russell will be responsible for the all of the legal work that goes on within TransUnion, which will include: corporate compliance and governance, privacy functions, and government relations.

Jim Peck is Russell’s boss, who she will report to on a daily basis. He is thrilled to have Heather Russel join TransUnion’s executive team and didn’t have enough good things to say about her. He believes that Russell’s experience and expertise are exactly what TransUnion needs to continue their growth on a global level.

Likewise, Heather Russell is very much looking forward to her career at TransUnion. She is looking forward to working for a company that is at the top of innovation when it comes to information solutions; a company who provides its clients with information that helps them make educated decisions; a company who makes access to products and services more convenient for the consumer around the world; a company who is striving to make the world a better and easier place to live in.

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