You Want To Protect Your Kids From Sexual Predators? Jeff Herman Has The Tips


But investing in children is also one of the principal ways through which parents can count on the possibility of having more future generations. With that said, the rise in the use of technological gadgets in the current world has interfered with the upbringing of children. For instance, parents can hardly tell whether their children are talking to a sexual predator or a helpful tutor online. And even if they did, they do not get to spend every day of their lives with their children.


That brings us to Jeff Herman, a skilled attorney that has been protecting children from sexual predators.


More on Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman started practicing law as a commercial law litigator. However, he once met a client whose son had sexually been abused. Faced by the need to assist her in finding justice for the son, Herman delved into the protection of sexually abused victims. Today, he is the owner of Herman Law, a firm that voices the need for sexually victimized people to get justice. Over the years, Herman has been teaching parents how to protect their children from sexual predators.

He offers the following Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse;


Initiate the Sex Talk Early Enough

Your child may be young, but sexual predators will never spare him or her because of age. In fact, they will take advantage of their vulnerability. For that reason, you need to start the sex talk early enough for the child to understand the possibilities of being sexually abused by strangers, families or close friends. Visit This Page for related information.


Use the Appropriate Language

Sex is a delicate and sensitive subject to discuss with your kids. Jeff Herman emphasized the use of the right language even as you try to teach them about the ongoing cases of sexual abuse. Also, make a point of helping them to understand the possibilities of being lured by sexual predators through online chatting platforms.


Keep Addressing the Issue

The sex talk should not be a one-time discussion because preventing sexual abuse equals keeping an open-line of discussion with your child. You need to consistently, use everyday situations to explain the risks of abuse as well as the value of maintaining boundaries.


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Michael used to be an in-house attorney and a legal advisor for a couple of capital venture companies in the past. He used to handle legal affairs like corporate governance, stock planning, employment issues and acquisition and amalgamation related activities. Before this, he worked at Silicon offices in the licensing and online commercial group. Michael Hagele has a degree in Law from California University, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa University.

According to Michael Hagele, small companies and sole proprietors provide quality and inexpensive services to customers in the technology-based businesses, and this motivated him into becoming both an in-house and outside counsel. Michael advocates for obstinacy and not giving up as keys to success. He believes that challenging norms and bringing to life new ideas and opportunities is key to the success of one’s ideas. Michael believes in putting his customers first especially when undertaking his work as an attorney since he has to deliver what is in his client’s best interest. This has greatly helped him when undertaking his entrepreneurial services provision.

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