Heather Russel Assumes Her Position as the Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion

On the 4th of June 2018, Heather Russel took up her position as the Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion, a leading consumer credit reporting unit with offices in America, Latin America, and Africa. Welcoming her to TransUnion, Jim Pack, the CEO stated that he was confident she was the right candidate for the job, owing to her immense experience. She has also taken the role of the vice president to the multinational.

The appointment came after a successful interview with the firm. Heather was working with the Buckley Sandler Law Firm before her appointment to this position. Her tenure at Buckley and Sandler saw her switch operations between their offices in New York and Washington D.C. The seasoned leader brings a wealth of experience into the firm and is a strategic addition to help steer it to achieving their vision and mission.

Heather was born and raised in Virginia. She attended the prestigious college of William and Mary in Virginia, where she learned English and Biology. After her first degree, she proceeded to get her Juris Doctor from the Washington College of the American University. Her star started shining brightly early on because, in college, the Law Review Journal awarded her an honor for being the most outstanding graduate. (Source: Wikipedia.org)

As per Crunchbase, Heather has worked for the Fifth Third Bank, The Bank of America and also the Bank of New York Mellon. She has held some administrative posts in her past, which include the chief legal officer, the head of corporate communications and chief judicial officer. She worked for the prestigious Skadden, Meagher & Flom LLP, where she was in charge of the legal acquisitions and corporate finance.

The company’s management has a lot of optimism about their newest addition to the group. Heather (@heatherarussell) replaces John Blenke, the corporate general counsel, corporate secretary and also executive vice president.

Official Contact Details: Heather Russell | LinkedIn

The Financial Guru For The Times: Mr. Jim Toner

While there are many ways to make money there are quite sure a few ways that don’t reach the ears of the public. Jim toner has given us a few ways to increase revenue with a few key secrets that those with the money prefer not to give to those without the money. Just what are such tips?

At the outset, with many of the upcoming changes due to the United States tax law, knowing your tax exposure is obviously the first way to increase riches in ways that really are unheard of. Another way is by raising your prices. It’s not always a good thing to have cheap prices for quality products or quality service. It is often a great thing to raise the prices to increase revenue for the business itself. A buyer will pay what the buyer is capable of paying, in other words, if you have quality products for quality prices only the buyers with sufficient income will purchase such items. Being able to outsource work or production is another great way to increase riches. To try and do every piece of the business as the owner is very burdensome and tiresome and leaves no room for additional creativity.

Another such way to make money is to become more attractive. By being more attractive this means becoming a person that others want to do business with. If you are seen as a callous, secretive, well hid person, then others are not going to want to seek out your presence because there is no attractiveness to you as an individual. Placing oneself in the public eye in a manner that is conducive to business as a very great option to be taken. Writing is one way a few individuals gain financial freedom but this is a way that is almost guaranteed to produce financial freedom. By that it is meant, writing for a subject that you are qualified for will place you in a position to be seen as the expert in that area. Although there is much competition in the world today, being able to find an avenue within writing then it’s a great way to produce financial freedom as Toner said to Medium.com.

Jim toner has given the world so very interesting ways to make money. As being a real estate investor for more than 25 years, Jim has taught thousands of people across the country that seek Financial Freedom. Investment in real estate is not the only area that is apart of. Being featured on various news outlets across the nation from CNN to CBS, Jim toner is to go to for investment in real estate. There are many more accomplishments that will be noted by the financial guru and these are only the beginning.

Our source: https://www.goodreads.com/jimtoner

Dr. Mark Mofid- reliable plastic surgeon

The safety of the patient is the most important thing in any medical operation. The life of the patient must be maintained by all the means possible. Professional doctors know this and will always prioritize it. In plastic surgery, the safety of the patient is even more significant. The plastic surgery industry has seen its bad days, numerous cases of surgeries that have gone wrong have been reported to the medical board. People have ended up with deformities when all they were looking for were better body features. As a result of malpractice or medical accidents, some patients, unfortunately, have suffered at the hands of plastic surgeons. In most cases, patients have gone to uncertified professionals for operations.

When looking for a surgeon to perform a medical operation, certification should be the first thing you should look for. If the relevant medical board has not certified a doctor, the best thing is to move on. Until you get a reliable doctor, that’s when you should give up your personal health. A certified doctor knows that he or she is expected to conduct herself or himself with the highest level of professionalism. The certification does not come easy, and there is no way a certified doctor will put his career on the line just for small monetary gains.

One of the reliable plastic surgeons that one can hire in San Diego and La Jolla is Dr. Mark Mofid. He is one of the doctors who value the safety of the patient over money. No matter how much you are willing to pay for an implant, as long as it is not compatible with the human body, there is no way he will give in to a patient’s demands. Dr. Mark Mofid’s services are customized to the body of the patient.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s professionalism in the industry is recognized far and wide. He is among the new breed of plastic surgeons who concentrate on the safety of the patients. Dr. Mark Mofid is a professional after making the industry secure and thus gets the good name the industry deserves. He has been in practice for the last one decade.


You Want To Protect Your Kids From Sexual Predators? Jeff Herman Has The Tips


But investing in children is also one of the principal ways through which parents can count on the possibility of having more future generations. With that said, the rise in the use of technological gadgets in the current world has interfered with the upbringing of children. For instance, parents can hardly tell whether their children are talking to a sexual predator or a helpful tutor online. And even if they did, they do not get to spend every day of their lives with their children.


That brings us to Jeff Herman, a skilled attorney that has been protecting children from sexual predators.


More on Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman started practicing law as a commercial law litigator. However, he once met a client whose son had sexually been abused. Faced by the need to assist her in finding justice for the son, Herman delved into the protection of sexually abused victims. Today, he is the owner of Herman Law, a firm that voices the need for sexually victimized people to get justice. Over the years, Herman has been teaching parents how to protect their children from sexual predators.

He offers the following Tips for Parents to Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse;


Initiate the Sex Talk Early Enough

Your child may be young, but sexual predators will never spare him or her because of age. In fact, they will take advantage of their vulnerability. For that reason, you need to start the sex talk early enough for the child to understand the possibilities of being sexually abused by strangers, families or close friends. Visit This Page for related information.


Use the Appropriate Language

Sex is a delicate and sensitive subject to discuss with your kids. Jeff Herman emphasized the use of the right language even as you try to teach them about the ongoing cases of sexual abuse. Also, make a point of helping them to understand the possibilities of being lured by sexual predators through online chatting platforms.


Keep Addressing the Issue

The sex talk should not be a one-time discussion because preventing sexual abuse equals keeping an open-line of discussion with your child. You need to consistently, use everyday situations to explain the risks of abuse as well as the value of maintaining boundaries.


Watch Jeff Herman in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkMjoTwO6TM

HCR Wealth Advisors Explore the Concept of New Retirement

What comes to your mind when you think of retirement and life away from the general routines your job entitles you to? According to HCR Wealth Advisors, most individuals associate retirement with financial planning. A significant number of individuals planning for retirement often neglect the emotional, physical, and psychological adjustments that come with retirement, which play a significant role in ensuring they lead a meaningful life outside the confines of a job.

The registered investment advisory firm believes it is time for individuals considering retirement, already retired, or in a relationship with a retiree to consider the non-financial aspects of retirement. The affected parties need to rethink and re-strategize on how to address personal adjustments associated with retirement like the loss of identity and disengagement from the habitual schedules and how to adjust to the new environment. HCR Wealth Advisors refers to this realization and adjustment as the ‘New Retirement.’

The Shift From Happiness to Stress and Depression

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) observe that almost every individual looks up to retirement with sheer optimism about the life of freedom and happiness lying ahead. However, the investment strategists argue that without a proper plan that addresses both the financial and non-financial aspects of this new life, this optimism can quickly turn to frustrations. Coupled with such other negative accompaniments of aging like poor health and boredom, the retirement can see the once-bubbly professional may sink into stress, depression, and even loss of self-esteem.

Learning How to Cope with Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors wealth management experts argue that if a retiree is to hop out of this trap or avoid it all together, they first need to understand the concepts of retirement and plan on how to deal with each. They need to understand that retirement means changes in different spheres of life, loss of benefits, and connections.

According to Crunchbase, New Retirement then dictates that you start planning on how to address these issues. For instance, you need to start preparing psychologically for the habitual changes that often accompany retirement, plan on whether to solely rely on retirement benefits or turn passion or profession into an income generating service. Most importantly, make plans on how to live right by maintaining your body and mind.

About HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in offering investment and wealth management to its broad list of clienteles. Such advice not only covers the financial aspects of life but also delves into non-financial and personal management advisory.

See their latest post here:

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US Money Reserve Is Given DRTV Award At AdSphere Awards

The AdSphere awards are run by an advertising corporation that gives various companies awards for promoting products in creative ways through infomercials and Direct Response Television (DRTV) formats.

The winner of their DRTV “infomercials” and “short form products” awards was US Money Reserve, an Austin-based precious metals company that has one of the largest stock of gold and silver bullion in its inventory. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.builtinaustin.com/company/us-money-reserve and https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve

They have used all kinds of storylines and demonstrations on buying precious metals, and they’ve done so in ways that are simple yet detailed and reflect the company brand. It’s a tremendous accomplishment and an honor to receive the awards in the words of CEO Angela Koch because of how they’re able to reach prospective customers through the DRTV format.

One of the first rules to buying gold and silver is to buy them from a reputable dealer and to make sure you can physically possess them. With US Money Reserve that’s exactly what you get, and they’ve been honoring their commitment to quality product delivery to customers all over the world since 2001. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

The company owns bullion with a variety of price ranges whether you’re only looking to buy a little or add a high amount to your personal portfolio.

The economy can suffer from volatility, but when the markets are troubled gold and silver can protect your hard-earned wealth.

There are still risks involved with buying gold, but US Money Reserve can help you work through them and decide for yourself if owning it is right for you.

US Money Reserve is run by some of the top industry experts including the former 35th US Mint Director Philip N. Diehl. Diehl was acclaimed for bringing some high profile minting initiatives during his time at the agency including the Sacagawea gold dollar, the 50 states quarters and the first ever platinum coin. Follow US Reserve on Twitter

Now in the private sector, Diehl is a proponent of everyone owning gold or silver coins and understanding why past presidential administrations also wished for Americans to own gold. Diehl has explained his position on buying gold to television network news anchors and in the US Reserve introductory page of their website.

The introductory page points customers to the US Money Reserve free gold kit which is a great place to start if you’ve never purchased precious metals before. You can get your gold kit and view the US Money Reserve catalog by going to www.USMoneyReserve.com.

Robert Ivy Honored With Mississippi’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Institute of Architects known as AIA recently announced they would be honoring Executive Vice President and CEO, Robert Ivy with the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The Polk Award is granted to both living artists and art patrons linked to Mississippi who have either created an extraordinary legacy via their virtuosity or through their enormous generosity. Ivy is the first architect in the history of the great state’s Polk awards to receive this special honor.

FAIA’s president, Carl Elefante was said to have proudly gushed that Robert Ivy is a “worthy ambassador” for the profession as the serving vice president and CEO of AIA, an active architect as well as an accomplished author and editor. Elefante shared in an interview how delighted he truly was to congratulate Ivy on the rare and unique honor that marks both a personal and professional milestone for the AIA CEO and Mississippi native. Before joining the AIA team in 2011, Robert Ivy performed as Editor-in-Chief for Architectural Record, accruing a number of awards such as the National Magazine Award. Since taking the reins of his new role at AIA, he has managed to effectively increase the institute’s global footprint leading AIA to a membership spike like it hasn’t seen since its founding, 160 years ago.

Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter

In 2010, the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi nominated AIA’s CEO “Master Architect,” an honorary title that has been granted to only the most elite architects worldwide. Other exceptional architects among these honored ranks include Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, I.M. Pei, FAIA and R. Buckminster Fuller. Robert Ivy’s persistent work making architecture more easily available to the public was one of the reasons MIAL’s president, Nancy LaForge felt he was a worthy recipient of Mississippi’s Noel Polk award.

Ivy’s commendations stem from his remarkably vast spectrum of talents just as much as his natural aptitude. Wearing a number of hats ranging from writer, worldwide architectural commentator, author and editor, Ivy has earned is place among a celebrated list of Noel Polk Award winners. American Institute of Architects’ Ivy will join the distinguished ranks of all those honored prior by Mississippi’s illustrious Noel Polk Award including celebrated writers Eudora Welty of 2001, Shelby Foote of 2004, actor Morgan Freeman of 2007, artist Walter Anderson of 1989 and singer Leontyne Price of 2000.

Read more on Bizjournals.com

Michael Hagele- The Renown General Counsel

Michael Hagele is an outstanding general counsel for some defense, aerospace, biotechnology and internet industries. He is an initiator and investor in a couple of companies in the hospitality and restaurant industries. He also invests in technology companies at their early stages. He is highly knowledgeable in sale and purchase of intellectual property and intellectual property analysis portfolios in both corporate funding and M&A dealings. He focuses majorly on negotiating and closing both local and international telecommunications agreements. Visit at Whitepages.com to learn more

Michael used to be an in-house attorney and a legal advisor for a couple of capital venture companies in the past. He used to handle legal affairs like corporate governance, stock planning, employment issues and acquisition and amalgamation related activities. Before this, he worked at Silicon offices in the licensing and online commercial group. Michael Hagele has a degree in Law from California University, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa University.

According to Michael Hagele, small companies and sole proprietors provide quality and inexpensive services to customers in the technology-based businesses, and this motivated him into becoming both an in-house and outside counsel. Michael advocates for obstinacy and not giving up as keys to success. He believes that challenging norms and bringing to life new ideas and opportunities is key to the success of one’s ideas. Michael believes in putting his customers first especially when undertaking his work as an attorney since he has to deliver what is in his client’s best interest. This has greatly helped him when undertaking his entrepreneurial services provision.

Michael Hagele also believes that social media plays a vital role in business growth since it helps one interact with a customer at a personal level. However, communication via social media should be moderated since leaving open dialogues is vital for product or service promotion. For him, physical activity is crucial for sharpening and recharging one’s mind. He stimulates his inspiration and energy through walking, mountain climbing, and bike riding. His most fascinating development is artificial intelligence. Its diversity of applications like genetic programming clutches immense possibilities according to Michael. He advocates for the maximum use of funding and investment in artificial intelligence. View: http://inspirery.com/michael-hagele/


The Benefits of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks has been on commercials especially on radios for the past few months and for people who listen to the radio, they have probably heard about Freedom Checks. The commercial highlights how people are getting their share of a payout which is worth $34.6 billion. Individuals are urged to stake their claims by the commercial which highlights specific dates such as February 1, April 1 and May 1 so that they can get a share of the cash being staked out.

Checks is legit according to searches on websites such as Google and individuals can make money from it, and to some people, they claim that it is more like winning the lottery. Matt Badiali is the person who came up with the idea of Checks, and he is even featured on the website of the company explaining more details to interested individuals. From the videos on the site, some people are featured stating how they earned up to $160,923 from the Checks. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

The initiative comes from a real investment strategy. On the monthly or quarterly basis, a return of the money put in the investment is paid to Master Limited Partnerships-investors. After investing in the MLP’s an individual buys units of a company and later earns based on the company’s performance.

The main idea which generated Checks was that these companies find it better to give their profits to individuals who invested in them other than giving their earnings to the government. There are 568 companies in the MLP’s according to Badiali, but he urges individuals to spend in only five of them which have a substantial control in raw materials such as oil, timber and gas which are valued at over a billion dollars in raw materials. Freedom Checks has enabled many individuals to make money more so from investing in the five MLP’s suggested by Badiali.

It is a marketing strategy which guarantees high returns for the individuals who choose to start their investments. Freedom Checks was enacted by Congress as long as a company meets the requirements. Matt Badiali came across this idea when he worked for a financial expert who would take Matt with him to places such as meetings with oil companies and mining corporations to set the trends and discovering of new technologies. During such trips is when Matt learnt about Master Limited Partnerships and got a list of companies which were able to issue Freedom Checks. The companies mostly dealt with oil and gas. Visit: https://dailyreckoning.com/freedom-checks-exposed/


More Positive Reviews For AvaTrade

The AvaTrade platform is booming as investors reconsider the odds.


Spectators never expected it, but the Euro and Pound gain new life in the markets. Avatrade brings you this report with an interesting view of how Europe’s currencies are priced. The perfect perspective is possible with a special platform that combines all the financial trader’s tools neatly into one package.


The Euro shows impressive performance at above 1.18 while pushing higher.


We find this data through a simple setup. So, who is Avatrade? Avatrade is a regulated broker that provides a safe forex platform with additional assets like CFDs, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Entering these markets require that you also enter a control center to give you direct leverage over the financial markets.


A Bit More Confidence And A Few More Rallies

The opening market of Tuesday, June 12, 2018 shows to be a great opportunity to get into forex.


The forex market operates roughly 5 trillion U.S. dollars worth of currencies, so let Avatrade be your major reason for confidence in the market. Your next consideration is how you will enter. There’s one regulated option that offers an ongoing distribution of current news, education and continual training.


This option is a platform with technical analysis that can put you right into the heart of current price trends. There is a “pulse” you need to find after all.


This is why professionals consider AvaTrade. Its news stream is helpful for changes in the market. Understanding the minute by minute changes offers a trader clarity.


AvaTrade has priced clarity for investors since 2006.


Prices And Sure Returns

Security is a major factor to entering the forex market. The security of AvaTrade is supported by regulating factors that offer traders a bit more ease and relaxation. Investing during a live trade can be stressful.


You can minimize those stresses when trading with security and regulation. The week will soon close as traders think about their positions. You should also think about yours. Investors never know where the markets will go exactly, but Avatrade can position you to profit in either direction.


Learn more about AvaTrade: https://brokernotes.co/avatrade-review/