Talk Fusion Is The Wave Of The Future

Technology company Talk Fusion is introducing a suite of services and platforms that proves they are the undeniable wave of the future. It’s new product dashboard is further proof of that. Designed to work in conjunction with the company’s Video Suite, this new dashboard is just one example of the innovative products being introduced by Talk Fusion. The new look dashboard improves the experiences of people using Talk Fusion’s unique, affordable, easy-to-use video communications products. And the company has a host of other products to improve people’s communications it will release soon.


The company’s ultimate goal is to transform the way people communicate. Talk Fusion is doing that through its WebRTC-powered devices. Their WebRTC technology has transformed e-mail into a cutting-edge modern communications tool for live communications between groups and individuals on the devices people already own. WebRTC technology efficiently delivers high quality audio and video communications. Talk Fusion’s new dashboard makes it easier for people to gain access to a wide range of the company’s products.


Talk Fusion continues to offer a wide array of state-of-the-art technologies that remove the barriers limiting communication between people worldwide. Their newly introduced systems will make communications faster, clearer and more direct. Talk Fusion is making click-to-connect communications software the way people will conduct business in the near future. Their WebRTC technology is a major catalyst driving this change. Talk Fusion is using their video email services to transform the way businesses connect to customers via broadcasting, social networking and video conferencing.


Talk Fusion offers several affordable product packages through which people can send thousands of video-bearing email others can view instantly. The videos can also be stored on Talk Fusion’s website for later use. Members can use pre-made videos on the website in their marketing campaigns. Customers can store 1,000 video emails in their account and create five minute videos for $20. a month. Other Talk Fusion packages allow customers to have five accounts with template choices and customizable features for making and storing 10 minute videos. The company also has packages allowing customers to store up to 25,000 email addresses. Learn more:


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by ex-Tampa Bay, Florida police officer Bob Reina after he and IT professional Dr. Jonathan Chen invented video email. Today, Talk Fusion’s high-tech video email product packages are sold throughout the U.S. and in 80 countries worldwide by a dedicated team of independent marketing associates.

Robert Ivy Biography

     Robert Ivy is one of the respected leaders who has earned a better chance in the arena of excellent leadership. He has mastered in Architecture from Tulane University. He has demonstrated his perfect knowledge in leading the company of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Robert Ivy was appointed in 2011 as the CEO of the organization. Ivy plays the role of the president in the company ever since he took office in 2011. There are several ideas that Ivy has implemented as the president of the company. The factor that pushed him to the higher point of him being appointed is the experiences he has had in a while working for the National Dwight D Eisenhover Memorial after he was selected by Frank Gehry. Robert Ivy has put the goals of the company at a vantage place through the strategies he has put in the company. The excellent leadership of Robert Ivy has been substantiated by his honor to be of the Master of Architecture Award. The area where Robert Ivy has put its attention much is the arena of education to the young generation of architecture and the matters related to the advocacy. The dedication and the resilience of Robert Ivy in the company have made the goals of the company to flow along the lane of expectation. Through the movement of the leadership of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has enabled its system run by qualified individuals who are well-trained architectures.

The central ambition of Robert Ivy has the leaders of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is to create a good cohesion within the circle of the construction industry. The step of the company has gained support from all corners of the construction industry. The reason behind the decision was to allow the institutions make the staff shared critical ideas that will push the company to the right niche in the market. Robert Ivy, through his team of experts, has built different stations of training the young architectures across the United States. American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 by 13 professional individuals in the arena of construction. Several achievements have been recorded in the company through the excellent leadership of Robert Ivy. The earlier goals of the company were set to allow the operation falls within the city of Washington.

Robert Ivy has put the American Institute of Architects (AIA) world of architecture to the right place through his pragmatic skills.

The Trabuco: The War Machine That Inspired Revolutions

How the Trabuco works
The Trabuco converts the projectile’s potential energy into kinetic energy. The system loses some energy through friction and heat affecting its accuracy. Proper calculations have to be done to determine the weight and distance needed to hit the target with a projectile.

The velocity of the projectile depends on its weight. Heavier projectiles have a stronger launch than lighter ones according to The five parts that make up the machine are the beam, the frame, sling, counterweight and the guide chute.

Today, Physics teachers use the Trabuco to teach concepts such as mechanics. Toys and fun games, like the annual World Pumpkin Throwing Championships held in America, use smaller or modified versions of the Trabuco.


Types of Trabuco

The tensile Trabuco
About two hundred and fifty soldiers operated it to fling a hundred and forty kilograms weight for eighty meters. Although it could impressively shoot four times a minute, it was difficult to make the soldiers pull at the machine the same way, repeatedly. This affected the results and made Trabuco unpopular by the eleventh century.

The hybrid Trabuco
It was first used by the Arab merchants who redesigned the tensile Trabuco by adding a weight to the shorter end of the beam. This made it easier to operate than the tensile Trabuco. Records show that this weapon was used to destroy the walls of Damietta, a city in Egypt, by hauling a 400-kilogram weight at it.

The Europeans widely used it in the crusades, and they continued to improve on its design to throw heavier weights a longer distance away according to The newer designs were more efficient and accurate.

Soldiers started using it to throw other objects other than stones using this weapon. Human skulls, infected dead animals, hot stones and sand barrels were used, especially in the European crusades.

Find more about Trabuco:

Top Tech Companies Review NewsWatch TV Reviews With Pure Praise

Newswatch TV is a cutting-edge morning news and information show that airs on AMC and ION providing viewers with cutting edge technology news stories. Airing since 1990 the show recently aired their 1000th episode.

The techie lovers can get their fill of a broad range of topics and products with specialized segments like the Tech Report, AppWatch, Trade Shows, Biz Report, Consumer Update and NewsWatch.

The media company has built some great relationships with tech companies over the years and receives raving revues from some of the success stories they have been a part of.

Like Avanca Indiegogo who NewsWatch helped with a successful crowdfunding campaign and their marketing director praised the show as being one of the primary reasons for their success and would highly recommend the NewsWatch team

Then there’s Contour Design who was launching an ergonomic workstation and wanted to market the product on tv and online to increase exposure and sales. After working with NewsWatch they saw a dramatic increase in sales and were blown away by the high quality of video that the NewsWatch team produced.

Saygus Smartphone had aggressive campaign goals and NewsWatch was able to help them deliver the right marketing message to the right target market and Saygus credits them with connecting their message to exactly what their audience wanted.

Another success story was when the show helped Steelseries promote their gaming controllers and headphones with a series of reviews on the two products

NewsWatch TV guided SteelSeries with produced reviews on two separate projects to help promote the products offers. SteelSeries team members said it was great working with a producer that understood both the target market and how to leverage public relations

With a track record of so many happy successful companies touting you and a huge growing audience, we can probably count on another 1000 episodes from NewsWatch TV.

The Academy of Art Continues to Create the Future of Fashion.

Fashionistas everywhere look to the New York Fashion Week to get the latest in fashion trends and the clothing designers from San Francisco Academy of Art once again brought in a range of unique looks and styles to runway at the Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9, 2017.

With multicultural influences, the designers from the Academy of Art created an impressive five women’s and two men’s lines, each as unique as the designers themselves.The varied materials of PVC, vinyl and fused fabrics, MFA designer Hailun Zou created a line that was bold and futuristic, while MFA designer Eden Slezin incorporated organic denims and created an appealing and sustainable look. The soft, feminine line created by MFA Dina Marie Lam and the richly embroidered designs of MFA Carlos Rodrigues contributed clothing that was richly luxurious. MFA Saya Shin’s look was inspired by the beauty of fluidity of nature, while MFA Jelly Shan paid homage to NW China’s religious elements. MFA Joanna Jadallah created her line with a touch and feel of Palestine and Cana Klebanoff contributed a line paying homage to the mythology of the Samurai. MFA Ryan Yu’s contrasting look of light and darkness rounded out the Academy of Art 2017 show.

The Academy of Art founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929 has been an actively involved in the NYFW since 2005 and the designers from the academy have consistently made an impact with their personalized clothing lines.

Current academy president, Elisa Stephens increased the Academy of Art presence and promoted the academy’s strong influence upon the arts of all disciplines. Currently offering associates, bachelor and master degrees in many artistic disciplines, the accredited Academy of Arts has become one of the premier centers for art and design.

Looking toward the future of clothing design, the Academy of Arts will be one of the leading contributors of the fashion world.

How Richard Blair’s 3 Pillars Help Them Reach Their Financial Goals

Registered investment advisor at Austin, TX-based Wealth Solutions Richard Dwayne Blair focuses his financial career on providing investment advice that preserves and builds wealth for his clients.


The 23 year industry veteran places a high premium on assisting his clients with achieving their financial goals whether short term investment or for longer term retirement.


As part of his client-centered approach, the roadmap Blair creates assists the individuals he advises with reaching the milestones that mark the path to their investment goals.


Richard Blair’s three pillar approach is a methodology he uses to help his clients create a comprehensive workable plan of action.


The first pillar of Blair’s framework works with clients to help them understand their financial goals and current situation. During this relationship building step, he works with clients as individuals, obtaining a picture of their ability and desire to tolerate risk, available investment opportunities and all strengths that the clients have.


Determining a workable route for his clients based on where they are currently and would like to be and taking into consideration their situational parameters is the focus of this phase of Blair’s process.


Developing a long term investment plan that builds on the client’s needs discussed during the first pillar, the second pillar hones in on financial objectives that are unique to his clients as well as their needs for liquidity.


To achieve these goals, Blair is actively involved in managing his clients’ portfolios, reevaluating and shifting portfolio assets to maximize gains and minimize losses.


The clients’ portfolios are regularly evaluated to measure how they meet the clients’ objectives and the company’s performance standards.


Building on his clients need for security, Richard Blair also advises them on their insurance needs. This third pillar occurs after the clients’ financial goals are clear and are implemented in investment strategies.


At this point, Blair is familiar enough with his clients’ financial positions and objectives that he can provide his clients with a list of life insurance and longterm care insurance options that will limit safeguard the wealth they have worked hard to accumulate.


Richard Dwayne Blair


Founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has 23 years of experience as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


Holding Retirement Income Certified Professionals certification, he also graduated from the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.


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U.S. Money Reserve Teams Up with the Barret-Jackson Auction

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is the largest and most respected sellers of gold, platinum, and silver government-issued currency.

Philip Noel Diehl is the President of the U.S. Money Reserve and has over 30 years of experience in the currency field. He was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint as well. Read more: US Money Reserve – Blog and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The economic instability of the world has led many investors to diversify their portfolios into the physical asset market. The most popular asset is gold, but fraud and counterfeit assets have plagued the market and buyers are looking to the U.S. Money Reserve for help.

The U.S. Money Reserve guarantees purity, quality and weight of all its products.

The U.S. Money reserve is a private company the operates in several nations and has over 400,000 regular customers. The company has many different advertising techniques including it’s’ 2017, eBook called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.

For a limited time the eBook came with a 1/10 Oz Gold American Eagle coin, which helped investors start diversifying their portfolios.

In January of 2018, the U.S. Money Reserve sponsored the 47th Annual Barret-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. The auction draws over 200,000 attendees looking to buy collectable cars, which is another form of physical asset used to diversify portfolios.



The U.S. Money Reserve incorporated a rare McLaren P1 GTR in its presentation, which as a grand hit. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Attendees were able to ask questions about the benefits of owning gold and how the U.S. Money Reserve is the most reliable palce to purchase it. The prices are accurate, the quality and authenticity are guaranteed and the knowledge and advice is warm and sincere.

The one of a kind McLaren P1 GTR has the VIN# 0001 and will be one of only forty-five in the world. The top speed is 225 mph and it goes form 0 to 60 in just 2.4 seconds.

The car is for sale and serious buyers are welcome to inquire about its price. The auction will take place over eight days and has events in Arizona, Florida, Connecticut and Nevada all of which will be sponsored by U.S. Money Reserve. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The Barret-Jackson Auction Company was founded in 1971 and can be viewed on the Discover and Velocity Channels. The combined efforts of the U.S. Money Reserve and the Barret-Jackson Auction will create a fantastic atmosphere of fun, financial advice and collectable automobiles.

The uncertainty of the financial and economic state of the country and the world can be slightly diversified away with investments in precious metals. The U.S. Money Reserves precious metal coins issued by the United States Government is considered legal tender and can be exchanged for goods if the seller accepts.

The World Under Peace

The name Daniel Taub is well known in the diplomatic community and is associated with not only superb relations but positive gain in relationships between the nations of the world. Daniel Taub is a Jewish ambassador who represents the state of Israel. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

He has been stationed for over four years in the United Kingdom where he has worked directly with members of Parliament in order to form beneficial agreements between his country and theirs. During his time there Taub has managed to not only drastically increased relations but also make trade agreements so beneficial that there has not been such a case as large since talks started between the two countries.

While there has been quite a deal of positive change between these two powerhouses, Daniel Taub has recently stated that he will be resigning his post in the United Kingdom and will be returning to work in Israel and the Middle East.

While there are many people in Great Britain who are sad with this move there are other people around the world that see the good things that can come of it. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub has an interesting past, and one that begins in Western Europe. Born and raised as a British citizen he lived the majority of his life in the United Kingdom until relatively recently when he decided to make the move to Israel permanently.

Daniel Taub made this decision after a family vacation to Israel, where he immediately fell in love with the country. Taub is a devout Orthodox Jew and as such sees Israel as his true homeland.

The move was quick and Taub began working right away to alter the relations between Israel and her neighbors. There is not strong, positive bonds between Israel and the surrounding Islamic states in the Middle East, a fact that has been true for hundreds of years.

When Israel first became an official country after World War II it was met with skepticism and hatred from her neighbors.

Surrounded on all sides by Islamic countries, the tiny fledgling nation was in trouble of falling into warfare quickly.

This became a reality when nearly all of their neighbors joined forces and declared war.

The ensuing conflict was known as the Six Day War and, interestingly enough, ended with an Israeli victory. Since this war ended there have been troubled relations. Daniel Taub may be the one to repair this.

Securus Technologies and The Prison System Issue It Seeks To Resolve

The modern setting the entire world is programmed right now is even getting more complicated. The more complicated it is, the more fragile and vulnerable it is to things that cause harm. One of these threats to the safety of the people today would be the management of the security system in prison cells. In fact, the issue of security in the corrections facilities is so severe that it threatens the lives of those who work there. One of these officers who work in such a service is Robert Johnson, and his story is a remarkably tragic one.


The Shot Inside His Home

Robert Johnson is the man who was shot inside his home because of issues he did in his work at the corrections. It is his job in the corrections facility to ban cellphones from the hands of inmates. When his work got mixed up with the wrong people, somebody held a grudge against him.


When he was trying to grab the phones from inmates, he might have stopped the illegal operations of inmates inside the prison. Which could be the reason he was shot at home.


Before he was shot at home, contraband was confiscated inside the prison, and he was the man responsible. As a result, he was shot in the chest in his home, and he stayed in the hospital for so long that his family was worried for his life. But as fate would have it, God has still a reason for him to exist and with that, he’s now working for Securus Technologies.


The Help of Securus

With the tragedy of what happened came the vision and mission of Securus Technologies to provide security in the corrections. It is now the work of Robert Johnson to handle the internal security of the correction facility that he works in with the help of Securus Technologies. Securus has hired him to be the man overseeing how the monitoring programs of Securus Technologies will prevent what just happened to him.


I think that what Securus Technologies is doing is such a useful thing. Anything that prevents tragedies from happening and prevents lives from being threatened will find great approval. With Securus Technologies being rated an A+ rating at BBB Business Accreditation website, I can watch out more of what it can still do in preventing threats in jails from escalating. Indeed, Securus Technologies is one of the few powerful tools against the sophistication of the criminals today.



National Steel Car: A Reputation for Excellence

The saga of National Steel Car and Gregory Aziz culminated to create a company that is truly unique. Even though National Steel Car has been around since 1912, the company always has an air of change and innovation. Things are never saying the same in National Steel Car because Greg Aziz does not want the company to simply stagnate, he is always interested in moving them forward. To move forward, you must admit that there are always changes that can be made. Aziz is never being afraid to make changes where they are needed. In fact, when he took over the company in 1994 he made sweeping changes that breathe new life back into the crumbling factory.


National Steel Car is a world-famous freight car manufacturer and engineering company. They supply most of the rolling stock for Canada and North America. They have developed a reputation for their impeccable quality and low prices. Gregory James Aziz has proven that sometimes consumers can get good quality at a lower price if they do business with the right company. The first sweeping change that Aziz made was to the quality of material and product that National Steel Car was putting out. If his name was going to be on the product, it was going to be the best possible product he could produce.


Aziz went through and retrained the workers, he increased the workforce to over 3,000 individuals, and he set new standards for workers to follow. From then on, there was no excuse for anything less than perfect. With the new standards, National Steel Car’s reputation blossomed. They grew from creating only 3,500 railcars annually to over 12,000. This was when National Steel Car began to grow. With that new growth, came more attention to quality and the company started filtering money back into the community.


Today, National Steel Car and their CEO Gregory Aziz have a reputation for excellence. Not only have they proven to be an honest company to do business with, but they have also helped their community of Hamilton, Ontario. Clearly, Aziz never forgot that charity starts at home. National Steel Car is paired with many organizations that reach out and do good in the Hamilton community. Greg and his wife regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and is known to support Theater Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, United Way, Salvation Army and various food banks.


The adventure that is the relationship between Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car, will continue to captivate people as they watch the company grow and do good works and its community. Read This Article to learn more.