The Medical Inventions and Inspiring Executive Profile of Dr. Saad Saad

There may already be a lot of personal stories and essays written for the life of Dr. Saad Saad. However, how many of the Saad Saad advice today are even being shared? What are the important ideas from Dr. Saad Saad that have been shared with the next generation of doctors that may benefit from them? To answer this question, a reader must refer to the advice and set of tips from Dr. Saad Saad shared in the Medical Daily Times.



There are many articles about Dr. Saad Saad elaborated in Medical Daily Times, but the one that stands out the most is the one about Dr. Saad Saad’s medical inventions. In the years of medical practice of Dr. Saad Saad, he’s not only improved the wellbeing of more than a thousand of children, but he’s also invented some nifty but patented technologies for surgeons.



One of these innovations from Dr. Saad Saad is a specialized catheter that really helps improve the medical procedures of the surgeons. Other catheters are hard to retrieve when they’re already inside the patient’s body, but this isn’t the case with the invention of Dr. Saad Saad. He is able to make sure that that catheter is retrievable and easy to locate while inside the patient’s internal organs.



Another invention under the patented name of Dr. Saad Saad is a specialized endoscope that helps maintain visual contact of the area in the body where it is placed. This helps the surgeon get a more accurate control of the endoscope without leaving areas of the targeted area unchecked.



About Dr. Saad Saad



An executive profile of Dr. Saad Saad has to mention his essential personal and professional background. For starters. Dr. Saad Saad is already an established surgeon whose medical practice is based in Eatontown, New Jersey. He once worked for a royal Saudi Family, after completing an internship in England. He also did his pediatric surgery residency in the USA, before getting a Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery in the country.



Another remarkable thing to be said about Dr. Saad Saad is that he’s also a patented innovator and inventor. The details of the inventions are stated above, but what can be additionally mentioned is that these inventions have improved the medical practice of numerous doctors already today. Learn more :


ClassDojo Facilitates Communication In The School System

The world has seen great technological advancements in the past twenty years. There have been many attempts to modernize the classroom environment because of these advancements. Education Superhighway reports that 88 percent of classrooms have robust high speed broadband internet. This opens the doors to a wide array of opportunities for educational technology development companies.

Although there is much opportunity, there has not been much success in providing actual solutions to real world problems that teachers, students and parents have. ClassDojo is a company that has actually achieved a resolution to the issues that classroom environments face. ClassDojo was founded in 2011 for the purpose of creating an easy to use education tech that would create a culture and community between teachers, students and their parents. ClassDojo is now being actively used in over 85 thousand schools in the United States that range from the private and charter schools to the largest and most populated public schools in the country.

ClassDojo started off as a 25 employee company and has not yet generated any revenue. The founders say that they do not wish to make revenue off of user’s data because they believe that privacy is a huge concern any time that children are involved. The founders decided to instead create premium features and content that parents would pay to use. ClassDojo has been so successful in fulfilling its purpose that it is now being used in 90 percent of U.S K-8 school districts. The statistic was reported by the San Francisco Business Times.

With the usage of the ClassDojo app, teachers, students and parents have been able to be involved in their own special community. The app has greatly facilitated communication between the three groups and parents are now able to be more involved than before. ClassDojo has created a definite positive change in the education system.

Ted Bauman: A Pioneer in Asset Management and Protection

Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta, Georgia and began working at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and serves as an editor at the company. Ted has spent his life helping people become financially secure and independent from government control. He was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Maryland. Mr. Bauman decided to emigrate to South Africa as a young adult. He attended the University of Cape Town and received a postgraduates degree in Economics and History. Ted spent over 25 years of his career in South Africa as an executive primarily in the nonprofit sector. The majority of his work was as a fund manager in low-income projects. Ted Bauman co-founded Slum Dwellers International, which has helped over 14 million underprivileged people in over 30 countries.

Ted Bauman has had his writings published in prestigious journals around the world and he has done writings for the United Nations, the government of South Africa and agencies in Europe. Recently, Ted wrote about how to secure your assets from disaster and financial institutions. He advises not to keep your most valuable possessions in your home and to diversify where you keep your assets. Ted recommends that if you do decide to keep some assets at home, buy a safe or lockbox that is water and fireproof and can be bolted to the floor.

Ted Bauman also advises people to consider a safe deposit box at a bank to secure assets. This is a more secure option than at home, but it does have some disadvantages. You have to insure your valuables because they are not covered by the government or bank. Second, during a financial crisis the government could ordered banks to surrender all safe deposit box assets. This would be unprecedented in the United States, but it has happened in other countries. He feels that storing your valuables in countries like Switzerland are a much better option because it is much more difficult for the government or other entities to gain access to your assets.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career in Investment

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor who has also spent time advising on investment. Looking at his educational background, he attended engineering school at the University of Parana, having been lucky to pass the admission protocol. During this period, the university was the only one offering engineering in Santa Catarina and Parana. It then took him two years to make up his mind to study economics. He later graduated and was employed at an investment bank.

Igor showed much interest in investment sector. He, therefore, ended up to be an investment banker, in Rio. He then received a promotion, where he was put among the board of directors of Multibanco. Later after two years, he was made CEO. However, Bank of America took Multibanco, forcing Igor to seek other opportunities. Soon, he joined Unibanco, which was the top investment company in Brazil. His stay at Unibanco was not long-term, for he was forced to shift to Libra Bank PLC when the rate of inflation increased. The Libra Bank PLC was a merchant bank, based in London.

His employment at the Libra Bank turned to be a great investment chance for him. It was also the first time to receive his wages in dollars. His career life had taken a new turn. He recorded success during his service at Libra Bank, until he moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank alongside his colleagues from London. Here he served on the board of directors and represented in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen remained a member of the board for seven years when he retired from the organization and opened up his own investment company. He implemented all that he learned from his past areas of service by offering similar services. Mr. Igor serves as an investment manager to date and runs his investment firm.

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HCR Wealth Advisors, Offering Sound Advice for Investments

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory (RIA) wealth management firm, servicing high net-worth individuals, that educates clients on investment strategy. Its mission is to establish long-lasting relationships with their clients through education, trust, communication, and service. These advisors believe in creating a personal and unique relationship with each client depending on their current situation, which has been a working strategy to help clients meet their financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors boasts of helping their clients protect themselves against risk using their personalized investment strategy. Privacy is one of their main concerns, which has significantly helped in securing clients’ trust and therefore create a viable investment portfolio.

Gazette Day says that the world of finance has rapidly changed over time. The ability to combine the most recent trends and patterns and take quick action on this information is critical. This kind of change comes with more opportunities to gain profits but at the same time, exposes people to higher risks of the unknown. It is therefore essential to analyze financial data in a more focused and thoughtful way. With so much financial information, one needs a lot of experience for their financial requirements, all of which is offered by HCR Wealth Advisors.

The year 2018 has come with high expectations, especially with the latest economic data showing improvement on all the measurement criteria, thus strengthening the US economy and the world at large. However, it is not a guarantee that the year will be prosperous regarding the stock market. The stock market was highly favorable to investors in 2017. For example, investors received a 21.7% return in dividend reinvestment with the S&P 500. However, experienced capitalists know that a year with low volatility is usually followed by a year of high volatility, thus the need to take extreme caution in investment decisions and risk management. It is already becoming evident, with 400-point swings becoming more normal. Geopolitical risks have also made the market incredibly volatile.

HCR Wealth Advisors works to create a personalized financial strategy for each of its clients, which offers investors solutions to volatility. It gives advanced ways of taking advantage of the changing market by helping to mitigate exposure to risk. This strategy is tailored to meet each of their clients’ financial goals and expectations. Instead of running away from the problem, they have taught their clients to embrace the challenges and make the most out of them.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner – A Story of Smart Success

As a schoolboy growing up in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani worked many long hours after school helping his father in the family variety store. The store sold office supplies, Parker Pens, household goods and the like and an extended day was necessary in order to make a profit. Young Hussain told his father that he would never want to be a businessman when he grew up because the hours were just too long. It would be better to become a professional, according to Hussain, because then he would be able to work regular hours.

Hussain did attend the University of Washington where he studied Economics and Engineering, and after graduation, he returned back to Dubai. For a while, he worked for a gas company in Dubai, but he went after an opportunity that held great promise. He founded a catering company that sold meals to the United States Army during the Gulf War and he did very well. In fact, that company is still doing a good business today.

Eventually, the United Arab Emirates made it legal for foreign nationals to purchase property in the Emirates, and Sajwani saw an upcoming opportunity in the real estate market. He surmised that there would be a great need for living accommodations, and he intended to supply them.

It was then that DAMAC Properties, Inc. was formed, Sajwani’s real estate and development company. His objective was to build the most desirable and luxurious apartments in the land because he knew that many of the people coming into the country had a great deal of money. He was a great promoter and salesman, as one of his slogans, “New Bently For Each Apartment” got great results. And yes, a new Bently did go with each new apartment purchased.

DAMAC Owner Sajwani has good business principles too, as he only pays cash for the land and he finances very little of the building projects. By owning the properties outright with very little, to no debt, no one can foreclose on him. He also keeps separate accounting and bank accounts on each property so each one stands on its own.

Today, DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani are well-known in real estate circles all over the world. Get connected with Sajwani thru Twitter or Instagram.


Victoria Doramus Shares The Truth About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is one of those things that people are not going to know unless they experience it. Victoria Doramus is one of the people who have overcome her addictions. She is able to tell the story of what it took to overcome her addictions. One thing that she will say is that addictions are not what many people make it out to be. Among the experiences that Victoria Doramus has with addiction is that it turns out to be very tricky. Even with the 12 step programs, it can be very easy to fall back into the addictive lifestyle.

One thing that Victoria Doramus, a digital print media professional turned philanthropist, has revealed about her addictions and what it took to overcome them was that she had to go to a tough 12 step program. One thing about the 12 step program which is called Burning Tree is that they are very straightforward and they are also hardcore when it comes to the activities they involve her in. For one thing, she had tons of chores for a portion of the day. She had to wake up at 5:45 in the morning for prayer and meditation. Other activities she had to take part in were meetings that were meant to help bring about behavior change.

One of the activities she was involved in were peer confrontations. This is where she was forced to look at herself and how her actions affect others. It helped her regain sobriety and build some healthy character traits. What she (@victoriadoramus) took away from her experience is that she has wanted to help others with the issues that she herself had at some point. She has set up some kind of program which involves a lot of accountability for one another as they make progress towards their goals of sobriety and healthy living. Visit this link to know more how Doramus overcame her addiction.


An Insight into the Life of James Larkin

In Ireland and around the world James Larkin is remembered for the pioneering work that he did in the establishment of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. He is regarded as one of the greatest activist and labor organizer who ever graced Ireland.

As a matter of fact, James Larkin was not born in Ireland as he was born in Liverpool, England, back on 21st January 1876. In the year 1914, Jim Larkin decided to try his luck west when he travelled to the United States. However, he would return to England later in life where he gracefully passed away on 30th June 1947.

When growing up Jim Larkin didn’t receive the formal education that the rich kids received as he was from a struggling family. This forced him to take odd jobs as a youth to supplement the small income that his family had. This might also be the reason why he became committed with fighting for the rights of the common worker.

He decided to join the National Union of Dock Laborers before agreeing to switch careers in 1905 to become a full-time trade union organizer. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Due to his militant strike methods, the organization saw it fit to transfer him to Dublin two years later and this was the time that he decided to establish the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

Back then, he mentioned that his main goal was to ensure that all industrial workers were under one organization. By all workers he was referring to both the unskilled and the skilled. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

As the leader of this organization, he is credited to have organized a number of strikes in the country with the most significant one being the 1913 Dublin Lockout. This is a strike that saw him assemble over 100,000 workers who resisted work for the next eight months.

This is a strike that bore fruits as all the workers in the country were awarded with a right to fair employment. He was also crucial in staging big anti-war demonstrations in the country during the First World War.

Other than work, James Larkin was a family man as he was the husband to Elizabeth Brown and together they managed to raise four children.

How Jim Toner Rose From Nothing To Something

Jim Toner is a respected real estate dealer in the United States of America. Coming from the humble background, he fought his way up the ladder and made a name for himself. Entrepreneur Jim Toner is currently a philanthropist and an entrepreneur as well.

Having worked on various projects and lost in some of them, Jim Toner survived by a whisker the sad moment in the industry. He wrote a book that explained more about the merciless people who scam people especially in the cruel world of real estate.

Through his friend, who is a well-known marketer globally. After deciding to rejoin the real estate, he made two resolutions to succeed in the business. One was choosing the most suitable place where he would set up his desired real estate business, and two was selecting the best people in town to work with. He also resolved to be there for his customers on the ground whenever they needed him and his assistance as well. He decided never to trust just anyone in the industry again. He was a good living example of one bitten, twice shy as well as better the devil that you know than the devil that you don’t.

According to Jim Toner, his first market after the comeback was Akron, a small town in Ohio. There were no a considerable number of real estate investors in the market. He managed to close about 200 deals in the past few years. He looked for a tough guy who knew their town in and out. At this time, he was inspired by the Andrew Carnegie words that stated that most millionaires had made millions in the real estate than any other undertaking in the world. He says that when one puts the right amount of investment in real estate, they end up smiling all their way to the bank.

Since he was tired of the few people who were controlling the business, he took the right type of people and gave them the needed resources and the venture began showing the fruits of their labour. He ensured a quality product for his own clients. See his real estate pictures on facebook.

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Michael Lacey

Born on September 26, 1959, American mathematician, Michael Thoreau Lacey received his Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under Walter Philipp. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | GAtech

Michael based his thesis on the area of probability in Banach spaces.

During his study, he was able to solve an issue that is closely related to the law of iterated probability for empirical characteristics functions.


Michael has taught at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. During his time at Indiana University, he received the National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship. Michael then began to study the bilinear Hilbert transform while he was doing his fellowship.

His work has ventured to probability, harmonic analysis, and ergodic theory. He worked at the University of North Carolina, and Louisiana State University. At UNC, Michael and Walter Philipp presented their evidence of almost sure central limit theorem.

Michael then moved to Georgia tech faculty where he has been a faculty member since 1996. He is an expert in pure mathematics, and mentors doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Michael has been the director of several training grants such as MCTP and VIGRE awards from National Science Foundation (NSF). These grants have been of great assistance to several undergraduates, doctoral and post-doctoral students.

The postdoc students he has adviced during his time at George Tech in the math department have gone ahead and got jobs in the academic and industrial fields. There have been more than ten postdoc students he has mentored.

Michael has published more than 100 journals such as Fourier Analysis and Applications, Annals of Mathematics, Journal d’Analyse Mathematique, Hokkaido Math, and more.

Michael’s work has been published in different languages, and this has given him an edge in his field, as it has made a well-known mathematician. Michael is an accomplished mathematician with a broad scope of knowledge.


Michael and Christoph Thiele solved the bilinear Hilbert transform in 1996, which had been a subject to speculation by Alberto Calderon.

The two, later on, received the Salem Prize for their work on bilinear Hilbert transform. For his work with Xiaochun Li, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004.