Alfons Hormann's concerns about the future of German sports

Alfons Hormann is a renowned businessman, and he is well known for being a sports official in Germany. He has headed the country’s ski association during the start of his professional career as a sports official. Mr. Hormann has also been the president of DOSB before he resigned.

During an interview with Mr. Hormann, he described the world of German sports and its future. The interview occurred 6weeks after he resigned. Alfons Hormann stipulates his frustrations about the government interference in the sports department.

Hormann highlighted that the German government lacks interest in establishing the significance of sports, especially during the covid-19. Some of the highly affected games included swimming which was later poorly performed during the winter edition in Tokyo.

Alfons Hormann further stipulated more frustrations about the Country’s Olympic team, which failed in China. He shed light by highlighting that German sports would only flourish when the government and bureaucrats stopped meddling.

Mr. Hormann’s concerns were not only his own but also included most presidents who have worked for the association. Hormann stated that it had been a never-ending battle between the German government and sports officials behind the curtains.

After Alfon’s resignation, many potential individuals have displayed their interest in the position and highlighted that they would bring their experience and, with the guidance of the former president Wulff, do an outstanding job than the previous heads.

Mr. Hormann further highlighted during the interview that the new president who will be given the contract should expect to find changes being incorporated in the department. The changes are to enhance the sports program in the country and tackle the challenges that players and presidents face.

DOSB has faced challenges with electing its leaders as it is faced with political biasness among the members. It has also endured extensively because of its broken relationship with the interior ministry.

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