How Herbalife Helps People Lead More Active Lives

Herbalife offers a number of products to consumers. Their latest offering is Herbalife24 which is a line of drinks to help with athletics. It is consumed by many professional athletes as well as regular people wearing their workout clothing. These drinks support people 24 hours a day through seven products. The use of these products can be customized based on any persons individual needs in regards to their workout schedules and training demands.

Every product in this line has been thoroughly analyzed for any banned substances whether that’s the NFL, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, or college athletics. The products that make up the Herbalife24 line are also strictly monitored for quality and that they meet the exacting specifications people expect of these products. They ensure that every ingredient on the product’s label meets what is inside the bottle.

Herbalife offers a number of health supplements on their website and through independent contractors. There are four broad categories of products including Healthy Weight, Specialized Nutrition, Energy & Fitness, and Skin & Hair Care.

The Healthy Weight products Herbalife offers are for people who are looking to either lose or maintain their existing weight. These products are Formula 1, protein, enhancers, and snacks. All of these products meet the right balance of calories and nutrition so that people who use them are following a healthy diet.

The Specialized Nutrition products Herbalife sells are for those people who have specialized nutritional needs. These products are Heart Health, Women’s Health, Healthy Aging, Digestive Health, Immune Health, and Stress Management.

Herbalife24 is one of the products that make up the Energy & Fitness category. The other two are Hydration and general Energy & Fitness. Herbalife24 is geared towards competitive athletes while the Energy & Fitness products are more for people who are physically active and looking to boost their daily energy.

The Skin & Care products are Herbalife SKIN and Herbal Aloe Bath & Body Care. This latter product can improve people’s hair and skin after just the first use. The Herbalife SKIN products provide people with younger-looking skin in as little as a week.