Igor Cornelsen’s Career in Investment

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor who has also spent time advising on investment. Looking at his educational background, he attended engineering school at the University of Parana, having been lucky to pass the admission protocol. During this period, the university was the only one offering engineering in Santa Catarina and Parana. It then took him two years to make up his mind to study economics. He later graduated and was employed at an investment bank.

Igor showed much interest in investment sector. He, therefore, ended up to be an investment banker, in Rio. He then received a promotion, where he was put among the board of directors of Multibanco. Later after two years, he was made CEO. However, Bank of America took Multibanco, forcing Igor to seek other opportunities. Soon, he joined Unibanco, which was the top investment company in Brazil. His stay at Unibanco was not long-term, for he was forced to shift to Libra Bank PLC when the rate of inflation increased. The Libra Bank PLC was a merchant bank, based in London.

His employment at the Libra Bank turned to be a great investment chance for him. It was also the first time to receive his wages in dollars. His career life had taken a new turn. He recorded success during his service at Libra Bank, until he moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank alongside his colleagues from London. Here he served on the board of directors and represented in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen remained a member of the board for seven years when he retired from the organization and opened up his own investment company. He implemented all that he learned from his past areas of service by offering similar services. Mr. Igor serves as an investment manager to date and runs his investment firm.

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