The Benefits of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks has been on commercials especially on radios for the past few months and for people who listen to the radio, they have probably heard about Freedom Checks. The commercial highlights how people are getting their share of a payout which is worth $34.6 billion. Individuals are urged to stake their claims by the commercial which highlights specific dates such as February 1, April 1 and May 1 so that they can get a share of the cash being staked out.

Checks is legit according to searches on websites such as Google and individuals can make money from it, and to some people, they claim that it is more like winning the lottery. Matt Badiali is the person who came up with the idea of Checks, and he is even featured on the website of the company explaining more details to interested individuals. From the videos on the site, some people are featured stating how they earned up to $160,923 from the Checks. Visit to know more.

The initiative comes from a real investment strategy. On the monthly or quarterly basis, a return of the money put in the investment is paid to Master Limited Partnerships-investors. After investing in the MLP’s an individual buys units of a company and later earns based on the company’s performance.

The main idea which generated Checks was that these companies find it better to give their profits to individuals who invested in them other than giving their earnings to the government. There are 568 companies in the MLP’s according to Badiali, but he urges individuals to spend in only five of them which have a substantial control in raw materials such as oil, timber and gas which are valued at over a billion dollars in raw materials. Freedom Checks has enabled many individuals to make money more so from investing in the five MLP’s suggested by Badiali.

It is a marketing strategy which guarantees high returns for the individuals who choose to start their investments. Freedom Checks was enacted by Congress as long as a company meets the requirements. Matt Badiali came across this idea when he worked for a financial expert who would take Matt with him to places such as meetings with oil companies and mining corporations to set the trends and discovering of new technologies. During such trips is when Matt learnt about Master Limited Partnerships and got a list of companies which were able to issue Freedom Checks. The companies mostly dealt with oil and gas. Visit: