Freedom Checks Are Not What You Think But Are A Legit Investment Opportunity Nonetheless

When Banyan Hill Publishing released a talk radio commercial talking about the benefits of Freedom Checks and how people all over the country are cashing in on a multi-billion dollar payout, many people were skeptical. It sounds too good to be true for most, and it sounds like some kind of program ran by the government to others. When doing a search on Google to find out more about what they are, the results speak to the legitimacy of them but seem a bit over the top with claims that they are equivalent to winning the lottery.

Matt Badiali is the man who is really putting these Freedom Checks in the spotlight, and he explains the details about them on the Freedom Checks website. The name itself was coined by Badiali, but they are a real that is more investment-based rather than a free money grab. What they are is called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and investors can expect to receive their return on their investment on a monthly or quarterly basis. Basically, when you invest in MLPs, you are purchasing pieces of a company, which then pay off a certain amount depending upon how well the company is doing. The companies are gas and oil companies that don’t pay taxes like most corporations. Check at to know more.

While a lot of what Freedom Checks offer may sound similar to trading in the stock market, the difference is that these companies have to earn 90 percent of their income from American natural resources. Their profits go to investors instead of the government, and Matt Badiali has revealed that there are 568 companies that involved in the offer. He believes that five of these are worth the investment, and it has been shown that these are some of the highest paying dividend investments a person could invest in. This means that the people who will earn the most are the people who invest the most.

Matt Badiali isn’t actually selling Freedom Checks but is, instead, offering a membership to his newsletter, which is called the Real Wealth Strategist. Included in the membership is the five MLPs that he likes the best. This means that the deal isn’t a scam at all. Instead Badiali has found a clever way to market something that is very real and that could benefit investors from all walks of life. According to testimonials, many people are already seeing profits from their investments. Read:

Achiements of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a seasoned entrepreneur who has positively impacted the global real estate sector. He is the founder and the CEO of Damac Properties located in the Middle East and the US. Hussain Sajwani has been a common name, and this is as a result of the creating a unique business model that overcome the 2008 global financial crises. He attributes his knowledge and interest to his father who took him to his shop every day after school. As a result, he becomes conversant with how to identify the business opportunities and to grab. Hussain Sajwani according to Forbes is the tenth richest Arab, and he is estimated to be worth $ 3.7 billion. In 2017 his company that is Damac Properties was the fourth largest corporation, and the main competitor by scale was Emaar. As a result of the financial muscle, Damac Properties has been able to initiate projects such as Akoya Oxygen at the cost of $6.5 billion and its 55 million sqft. Beside the above project, there is another mega Damac Hills that will contain more than 10000 units.

Despite the financial crises of 2008, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was able to pick the pieces and rebuild a new empire after collapsing. Currently, he has built the Trump golf course that contains luxury villas lining the greens among other unique features. His meteoritic rise in real estate began in 1982 when he returned home from the US where he completed his degree in University of Washington. The first Sajwanis venture in property was back in 1996 where he constructed five three-star hotels in Deira. Damac Corporation is now listed on London stock exchange making it become more competitive. Hussein Sajwahi and The President of The United States of America have a close relationship making it possible for American people to question how Trump will not be conflicted in decision making. Before being elected as the president, Trump invested in real estate through his Trump Organization that Sajwani aims at engaging in doing business. The two real estate investors have collaborated on the Trump International Golf Club where villas were sold for more than two billion dollars. He is also involved in engaging in charity work where he donates his resources to improve the living condition of the needy.

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A Profile of successful Radio Host, TV Personality, Producer and Business Mogul, Ryan Seacrest

Former American Idol host, radio personality, producer and entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest, got his start in broadcasting as a teenager in high school, interning at local Atlanta FM radio station, WSTR, on weekends. According to Ryan’s mom, he showed an interest in broadcast early when she shared that instead of playing with trucks and GI Joe like most boys his age, Ryan preferred to pretend he was interviewing celebs with a little microphone in the house.

After graduating from high school and having a few years of on-air radio hosting experience under his belt, Seacrest continued to pursue his dreams of pursuing broadcasting professionally. While enrolled at the University of Georgia, where he, of course, studied Journalism; he was again hired at a local radio station and later, instead of continuing his education, Seacrest opted to leave college in his second year when he moved cross-country to Los Angeles to pursue his broadcast dreams full-time.

Soon after landing in Hollywood, based on his Forbes profile, Seacrest would land a job as host of ESPN tv show, Radical Outdoor Challenge. During this same period, he would host three short-lived kid’s game shows. Seacrest’s big break came in 2002 when he accepted the job as co-host of new ABC talent competition, American Idol. Seacrest became the sole host after the first year when the mega-success made him a household name and recognizable star in his own right. Seacrest would eventually enter an agreement with CKK to continue hosting the wildly popular, American Idol for a reported $45 million dollars, making him the highest-paid reality TV personality at that time.

Seacrest would remain with American Idol until it ends in 2016. In addition, to hosting American Idol, Seacrest serves as on-air host of his own weekly radio top-40 music countdown show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest; as well as taking over tv hosting duties of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve program, which has been a yearly TV fixture for decades. More recently, Seacrest has joined actress Kelly Ripa as TV co-host of ABC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Though his on-camera duties keep him busy, Ryan is equally busy behind the camera; acting as the producer through his Ryan Seacrest Productions of multiple successful reality TV series, including Keeping up with the Kardashians and E! News red carpet events. If that isn’t enough, Seacrest has also tried his hand at men’s fashion and entered into an exclusive contract with Macy’s to carry his classic men’s clothing line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Even with all of the phenomenal success that Seacrest has achieved, he still makes time to donate his efforts and fortune to philanthropic pursuits, with the creation of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, run by his parents and sister, which primarily focuses on charitable contributions to children’s issues and organizations.

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Dr. Saad Saad Reinvents the Endoscope

In Dr. Saad Saad’s career, he has helped thousands of patients get the health care that they needed. As a pediatric surgeon, he operated on children of all ages from many different backgrounds. He is highly dedicated to serving the children of the community no matter what their circumstances. Dr. Saad Saad’s dedication even led him to voluntarily perform surgery on the impoverished children in Jerusalem. These types of medical missions have taken place 8 times during the career of Dr. Saad Saad.


Dr. Saad Saad is also known for his inventiveness and has patented two devices so far along with having been responsible for the creation of several surgical procedures and methods. When Dr. Saad Saad creates a new device or method, it is based on there being a need for it. He creates ways to make procedures safer and more practical from a medical standpoint. If there is a way to avoid a complication, Dr. Saad Saad tries to figure it out. With the medical field constantly changing and technology progressing, Dr. Saad Saad is doing his part to innovate health care.


One of the problems that Dr. Saad Saad came across as a surgeon was that the lens of the endoscope he used would constantly get fogged up and make it impossible to see what he needed to see during the procedure. The liquids that are naturally inside the human body gather on the end of the scope and at the time there was no way to remove it except for taking out the entire scope and inserting an irrigation and suction device. Fortunately, Dr. Saad Saad knew that there had to be a better way to do this and he starting working on his invention, a modification to the current models of endoscope that put the irrigation and suction mechanism on the scope itself instead of needing to use something entirely different.


When a doctor has to reinsert the scope after removal, many times they have a hard time getting it back to the position that it was when it became too occluded to see through. This wastes time and makes it so there is a higher chance that the patient will experience complications from being under anesthetic for longer than they need to be. As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has performed many endoscopies. He knows from firsthand experience how much extra time is added by having to do this. By adding the irrigation and suction to the scope itself, the medical professional never has to lose focus on what they are trying to look at. Before retirement, Dr. Saad Saad used this device on many of his patients and found it quite useful. Learn more:


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Passes The Leadership Mantle To Octavio de Lazari

Leaders who never tarry to set space for their successors are widely sought. This great attribute is a missing link, those who respect when the time comes to time honor others to succeed them. The most urgent of all needs of organizations is having hearty leaders who will do all within their ability to equip their successor with all needed tools to pursue the common goal of a firm.

In spite of the rarity of such leaders, Branco Bradesco a top Brazilian Bank is privileged to have such President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco for an extended period. Luiz Carlos Trabucco selflessly leads Bradesco putting the bank’s goal a paramount priority thereby fueling the Banco Bradesco to enjoy great market dominance. His love for the bank was imminent when a new president was to be appointed to replace him where he dedicatedly engaged the board of the council to thoughtfully settle on one, among the executive council members, who could stir up massive financial accomplishment for Bradesco.

Background Information
Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the president of Bradesco after four decades of service in all the chains of leadership in diverse departments of the bank which equipped him with vast experience; a cornerstone for his job. He began his career as a clerk, but he steadily arose driven by efficiency, determination, and sheer hard work that paved his way to the topmost rank in the bank. He thoroughly understood where the bank came from, the expected destination and the strategies to employ along the journey to their goals. Following the resignation of Lazaro de Mello Brandao from the position of chairmanship to the board, the bank had to tap Luiz Carlos Trabucco Cappi’s analytical skills and exceptional leadership in the position as chairman. This necessitated a rigorous process of identifying his successor as the next president.

Leadership changeover
The bank declared a transition in the leadership of Octavio de Lazari Junior who currently heads Seguros, Bradesco’s subsidiary, announced the next president. Lazari is renowned for exemplary performance in the credit sphere which he was the director prior to joining the executive council. In the year 2017, Lazari arose to be Executive Director V President as well as the Seguros group’s president. On his new appointment, Lazari says his prime goal is to refresh and carry on the legacy put in place by his predecessors Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Lazaro Brandao.

The Pension Reform
Luiz is compassionate and he is in a great worry due to the financial condition in Brazil, he, therefore, recommends the implementation of a pension plan which aims at slimming the government expenditure and consequently improving the financial stability.

Through his bold steps, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been in the steered numerous success oriented moves in the bank. The $5.2 billion acquisition of HSBC is widely remembered since it was more than a catalyst for Bradesco’s prominence in quality service to the customers. His leadership is a blueprint which Lazari is set to capitalize to advance Bradesco bank to soar higher. Moreover, the changes made at the bank will work for the good of the employees and the position of the banking institution eventually.

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Freedom Checks According to t Banyan Publishing

The internet does not have an exactly great reputation. Therefore, when an ad such as was thrown around by the millionaire investor Matt Badiali shows up, people brace for something that could be tumultuous. Well, such was the feeling a couple of weeks back when it happened. Having featured multi-level marketing scums to other schemes that promise quick riches, only to deliver quick losses, the internet is a forest full of the unknowns. Consequently, it is easy to miss out on a genuine investment opportunity when it arises. Read this article at

Filtering the Chaff from the Wheat

According to reliable sources, including Banyan Hill Publishing, it is likely that millions of American investors are going to miss out on the next round of freedom Checks because no one believes the internet anymore. There is hope in the pipeline though. There is a renowned geological and mining firm that may help you to access your first check; just like the one that was being held in the video by Matt Badiali. Well, if you are still trying to join the dots, take it easy and read on. One of the simple ideas behind the concept of Freedom Checks is ensuring that America is self-sufficient in its energy needs. Matt Badiali is the geologist that everyone may want to know. It is reported that Matt Badiali has had a long spate studying geological natural resources for three decades. He is, therefore he is a respected authority when it comes to energy and mining issues. Matt Badiali has also shared his knowledge of geology with hundreds of people through his teaching services at the University of North Carolina. Matt has traveled across the globe in his research activities. He has been to Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Yukon, among other countries.

Spending Time with the Gurus

Matt is said to have been close to the billionaire oil industry investor, Mr. T. Boone Pickens. He is also in touch with the leading players in the oil industry. It is also reported that his research has helped over 100, 000 people in the US. He has been in the news a lot more lately because of his Freedom Checks Video on social media. Matt exposed millions of American to the possibility of investing in companies that operate in the oil industry and subsequently earning fat checks. The companies he was referring to are called the Master Limited Partnership Companies. There are only 568 such companies registered in the US thus far. They operate tax-free and issue 90% of their profits to the shareholders. Read more:



Ryan Seacrest’s Career Journey

Ryan Seacrest was born in December the year 1974. He is known to be a prominent American radio person, producer, and television host. Ryan fame rose for hosting the competition show called the American Idol, American Top 40, and KIIS-FM on the morning radio show known as “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” He is on a permanent project in co-hosting the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” since 2017. His journey in hosting the shows has been tested and approved with him winning special awards like Emmy Award nominations for the American Idol. He also won the Emmy for the production of the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother had seen the vision of his son in the show production industry since he was young. Ryan’s father was a real estate lawyer. Like most children, Ryan was taken to school through the formal education, and at the age of fourteen, Ryan attended the Dunwoody High School. During his high school studies, at the age of sixteen, he won the internship with WSTF FM, Atlanta. He was given an opportunity to be on air on the weekend overnight. Ryan continued being on air at WSTR since then until he graduated from the high school in 1992. Following his career, Ryan Seacrest went to the University of Georgia where he did journalism. He continued with a radio show at an Athens station that locally operates until he left the university at the age of nineteen years. After leaving university, he moved to Hollywood with the intentions of furthering his broadcasting career.

Ryan’s career took great shape due to his commitment and passion. Since then he continued to host several programs and radios shows. Out of all the shows he has ever hosted, one that put him in the spotlight in the entire America was the “American Idol” where he was a co-host. After some time of doing an excellent job, he became the sole host. The show rose in the number of viewers each week, which totaled to around 26 million. This made him recognizable as well as gave him an opportunity to earn a high pay in TV hosting than ever before.

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Jed Mccaleb Helping To Fix The World’s Financial Infrastructure

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Stellar, is counting on the blockchain industry to become a huge and profitable market. Though the technology is still just starting out, McCaleb is seeking to be an early leader in the field, having founded several big-name blockchain projects. Ultimately, he is striving to build Stellar up into the industry standard for cross-border remittance and payments.

In 2010, Jed McCaleb was introduced to Bitcoin, and the concept immediately intrigued him. Having almost “accidentally” learned about Bitcoin, he considered that an important time in his career. As much as he was taken by the premise of Bitcoin, he was equally impressed with the technology that comes behind it.

Mr. McCaleb, realizing a lot of other people were themselves acting on Bitcoin in the early stages, took quick action. His first action was building a centralized exchange for Bitcoin trading. Naming it Mt. Gox, it did have competition from other exchanges at the time. But he found terrific success with this venture as Mt. Gox, at its height in cryptocurrency exchange trading, accounted for 80 percent of the market. He went on to sell Mt. Gox to software developer Mark Karpeles in 2011, retaining a 12 percent stake in the exchange.

In 2014, McCaleb founded the Stellar Development Foundation, with McCaleb’s goal to establish an internet-level protocol for payments. He wants to connect all the payment networks and different financial institutions together.

Mr. McCaleb, through his extensive background in the field, has laid a very solid foundation for Stellar Development Foundation to work with. Recognizing that the world’s financial infrastructure is a mess, with too many people left without resources, he has developed specific goals and strategies in a number of key areas. Some of these areas of interest and concern he touches upon include consensus and network security; moving away from private chains; the fear of tokenized assets; ICOs; and DEX and Atomic Swaps.

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Ryan Seacrest In The Showbiz Industry

Ryan John Seacrest has earned the title of Americans T.V sweetheart after a two-decade-long illustrious career in showbiz. He is mostly recognized for his role as the host of the T.V show American Idol for over three seasons. Apart from his position in American Idol, he has been involved in numerous other projects. Ryan Seacrest was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved to Los Angeles, California to follow his lifelong dream of venturing into showbiz. His first ever gig was as a presenter on a 90s radio show. This did not boost his momentum in the industry. He found his footing in the industry when he was named the host of American Idol in 2002 after emerging top of other contenders. He soon rose to the top becoming a household name in America and other parts of the world. E! Television Network named him to anchor, and he would cover all their celebrity red carpet events.

Ryan has had a fabulous run in the industry, signing a deal in 2012 with NBC Universal which saw him make an appearance in shows like The Today Show. This meant that he could spread his wings into other networks apart from E! Television. Although he still retained the position of the managing editor and producer of red carpet events at E! Ryan has also featured in other shows such as the game show, The Million Second Quiz and as the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan which premiered in 2017. His work is influenced by old skull DJs like Casey Kassem and Rick Dees. Ryan Seacrest says that his role model in the industry was Dick Clark.

Apart from his career as a host, Ryan has had other influences in the industry. He plays a vital role behind the scenes of producing the favorite American reality T.V show Keeping up with the Kardashians. Ryan has received various awards including an Emmy Award which he scooped for producing the food show Food Revolution between 2010 and 2011.

Ryan founded the Ryan Seacrest foundation which is a non-profit with the aim of encouraging and empowering the youth through entertainment and education initiatives. The foundation’s first agenda was to construct media centers named Seacrest Studio in pediatric hospitals to enable the patients to connect to their artistic nature.

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