Stream Energy Forms Stream Cares Foundation to Assist Those in Need

Many companies in the United States incorporate philanthropic efforts into their overall business plans. Ask just about any “C” level executive in a corporation, and he or she would tell you it is not only an altruistic venture that benefits others, but also an image enhancer for the company. One may say it is surprising, then, that more companies in the great state of Texas do not follow this example. One company in the Lone Star State, however, has been contributing their time. talent and treasure to those in need for over a decade.

Stream Energy, based in Dallas, Texas, is a direct-selling company that provides services for energy, wireless phone, and protective home services. Recently the company’s philanthropic efforts were highlighted in an article posted on (see: “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares For Philanthropy” — by: Leslie Kennedy,, March 5, 2018 ). In this article we find that phllanthropic work has been woven into the culture of the company from the get go. This is perhaps best summarized by this quote from Kimberly Girard, Senior Event Manager at Stream Energy: “We’re an organization with heart, and we plan to consistently identify new and strategic ways to give back — especially ways that tie in with the efforts of our associates.”

As direct sellers of the Stream Energy portfolio of products and services, these associates are driven not only by their commissions, but their desire to make a positive difference in their marketplace and community. “Giving back” has taken many different forms throughout the years. One example is Operation Once in a Lifetime, an initiative in which Stream Energy associates worked to provide financial and moral support to veterans and their families.

More recently, Stream Energy formed Stream Cares Foundation, in partnership with Hope Supply Co. to assist those in need. Hope Supply Co. has been in business for a number of years providing clothing, school supplies and more to the homeless. Together, these two organizations are working hard to help not only the homeless community, but also those affected by natural disasters.


As a forward-thinking person, innovator, computer programmer, and entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb’s vision is to utilize technology to reduce oversight and to improve the conditions of people in developing countries. As a fan of innovation, cryptocurrency, and emerging technology, Jed McCaleb has put himself in an interesting spot — one that involves addressing global issues using new technology to solidify and make his visions come to fruition. Jed McCaleb has made some serious inroads for himself over the years by creating useful, Internet-based web platforms.

In niche areas of technology and finance like cryptocurrency and blockchain, Jed McCaleb has immersed himself in it. McCaleb has been focusing quite intently how the Internet and his cryptocurrency-focused project, Stellar, can bring his visions alive and a success. McCaleb came to the conclusion that the financial organizational structure in the world was broken. Jed McCaleb’s arguments and impetus for creating in 2014 were based on what he garnered from the World Bank’s statistics. The World Bank produced a report, which stated that there are 2.5 billion people living in the developing world without a means of entry to a financial institution.

McCaleb delved into the entrepreneurship path by using his programming tools and abilities at a time when was gaining steam as a peer-to-peer methodology for website users and file sharers in 1999. McCaleb created one of the larger network of peer-to-peer (P2P) file uploading networks called eDonkey at the turn of the new millennium.

For Jed McCaleb and his fellow co-founder of the Stellar Foundation, Joyce Kim, using the emerging blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the driving force behind the universal financing methodologies and advanced tools like APIs. Stellar, which trades under the cryptocurrency symbol, (XLM)is directly involved in fusing banking institutions and new stakeholders in developing countries as part of the technology that McCaleb and Kim have built. At this point, there are 2.5 billion people around the globe who could be using

The Stellar network works directly with, and it connects many different banking institutions to one another using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM).

Alex Pall, Y’all!!!

The Chainsmokers. Need I say more? For the past several years this DJ duo has been topping the Billboard charts with hits like “Closer” and “Something Just Like This”. 2018 saw the release of “Sick Boy” which is already nearing 200 million views on YouTube.

In a 2016 interview with Mathias Rosenzweig from Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, Alex Pall said, “For us, it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.” He also talked about how he and his now musical counterpart, Andrew Taggart, met and got the ball rolling. Pall said, “We didn’t want to treat it like a job, but we knew we had a lot to learn and a lot of ground to cover.” It’s said that if you treat something like a hobby, that’s all it will ever be. So, kudos to Pall and Taggart for having the brass nuggets to take it to the next level. I, for one, am glad the did!

Since that interview I think they have done just that. No sophomore slump from these boys (Sick Boys!?)!!! Their debut studio album, Memories…Do Not Open was a huge success, topping the Billboard 200 at its release. The songs: “Paris”, “Something Just Like This” found the most success from the album.

They definitely are on the forefront of music’s evolution. Electronic music is in, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Especially with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart producing such masterful compositions.

Sick Boy definitely gave listeners a glimpse of another layer of the Chainsmokers. With a darker melody and overall feel of the song they have definitely pushed the boundaries of their artistry, which, I think, is a very good thing.

From “#Selfie” to “Sick Boy”, The Chainsmokers have produced some great songs over the past several years. Without a doubt, we can expect more sweet, sweet music from The Chainsmokers in the near and distant future.

The Oxford Club Provides Travel Benefits with Global Outposts

The Oxford Club provides it’s more than 100,000 members with valuable resources and information for investment and provides travel benefits with access to its Global Outpost in Central America, France and beyond. The Oxford Club provides opportunities for its members to expand their investment portfolios by providing extremely intelligent analysis and evaluation on various investment asset categories that will provide large returns on investment and eliminate or minimize risk from potential economic activities. The resources at The Oxford Club are top-of-the-line and easy-to-follow so investors have the tools necessary to reap profitable results by following the tips and strategies presented within the publications.


The Oxford Club also provides travel opportunities for members to access the global outpost that is situated throughout the globe and have beautiful travel opportunities for its members in France and Central America. The Oxford Club also has a four-story clubhouse in Mount Vernon, Baltimore that is exclusive and luxurious and provides luxury accommodations for members to network and share data in one of the most elite locations in the world. The Oxford Club members also meet at various locations around the globe at luxurious travel destinations that are set aside for its members to share investment resources and socialize with other wealthy elite members within the organization. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 by Bill Bonner the owner of The Agora Companies a billion-dollar conglomerate. The Oxford Club was established to provide opportunities for wealthy individuals to socialize and transfer valuable investing information and opportunities to capitalize on unique data shared from global investors to increase profits and returns that are outside of the mainstream information cycles. The Oxford Club has Julia Guth as its Chief Executive Officer and she continues to lead and steward a very professional and knowledgeable staff to provide the highest level of customer service and resources for its members.


The Oxford Club specializes in various asset classes including bonds, stocks, equities, currencies, real estate, dividends, cryptocurrencies, and various other investment vehicles that generate high rates of return on investment. The Oxford Club members enjoy some of the most prestigious travel opportunities in the world and they’re able to have access to the global outpost provided with their membership and explore some of the most beautiful and exclusive locations in France, Central America, and around the globe.

Hussain Sajwani: innovator and influencer

Hussain Sajwani is of Emirati nationality. He is founding father as well as current chairman of Damac properties. Damac is a real estate company with its headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Damac Owner was born in the years between 1952 and 1953 to an entrepreneur father. The Hussain Sajwani family is comprised of 4 children and the parents. Sajwani is named in the Forbes top ten wealthiest Arabs. His net worth stands at $4.2 billion as of September 2017.

The Damac received a scholarship funded by the government to the United States of America. He undertook an Industrial Engineering and Economics Bachelor’s degree. This was at the University of Washington.

Hussain Sajwani career commenced in 1981. He worked at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. He was based in the finance department. In 1983, he started a catering business. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Facebook and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

His customers were the U.S. military as well as Bechtel. The firm changed its name to Global Logistics Services. It is still operational to date.

Damac properties it has under its management built numerous apartments including luxury apartments with designer Versace. It is famed for developing the golf course engineered by Tiger Woods. It is also in the Dubai Financial Market as it can be publicly traded.

The Damac Owner has invested 600 million euros in London with its building, Aykon London One Tower located in Nine Elms. In 2017 he was named among the 100 most influential Arabs worldwide. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

Ali Sajwani, the firstborn son in the Hussain Sajwani family, is the General Manager of Operations in the company. He graduated from the North Eastern University based in Boston.

He holds a degree in Economics. He has been recognized among the future stars of the Middle East. This was conducted by the Arabian Business Achievement Awards in 2017.

The Damac Group, under its corporate social responsibility, sponsored a foundation called One Million Arab Coders. The initiative was launched by the ruler of Dubai: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The effort was made to foster free training in software development and management. This was conducted to one million Arabs hence the name.

Closing The Deficiency Gap: Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a way for students, teachers, and parents to come together to make sure that their students get the best possible education. The school was founded in 2006 and in a short amount of time, the nonprofit organization has become one of the leading online and campus-oriented schools in the country. One particular state that could really benefit from the use of Rocketship Education and the methods used to teach kids today is Tennessee and specifically Nashville. Here’s why.

The city of Nashville has always a specific formula to assess how a child is doing in school and what they have learned thus far. These tests that are given to students are called Measures for Academic Progress tests or MAP tests. If a child does not or cannot keep up in school it is likely that the student will drop out. Here is an example: A student takes a MAP test and finds out later that he or she is placed in the tenth percentile among peers. This means in simple terms that ninety percent of the students in the same grade performed better on the MAP tests that the particular student did. This can be devastating for a students self-confidence and it is likely that the student will not want to take part in school or much else.

This is where an education from Rocketship can come into play. In 2016, almost one hundred and fifty students were behind in various subjects. After an intense year of study and hard work, all of the students were able to close the gap in deficiencies and in some cases get ahead in school. Rocketship makes sure to monitor student progress at every turn to make sure that students stay on track and be able to achieve their dreams.

The principle of Rocketship Education is simple. Students cannot do it alone. Strong and involved parents and effective teachers can make all of the difference in a students life. This is why Rocketship Education can help not only those struggling students in Nashville Tennessee but the entire United States as well.