Top Tech Companies Review NewsWatch TV Reviews With Pure Praise

Newswatch TV is a cutting-edge morning news and information show that airs on AMC and ION providing viewers with cutting edge technology news stories. Airing since 1990 the show recently aired their 1000th episode.

The techie lovers can get their fill of a broad range of topics and products with specialized segments like the Tech Report, AppWatch, Trade Shows, Biz Report, Consumer Update and NewsWatch.

The media company has built some great relationships with tech companies over the years and receives raving revues from some of the success stories they have been a part of.

Like Avanca Indiegogo who NewsWatch helped with a successful crowdfunding campaign and their marketing director praised the show as being one of the primary reasons for their success and would highly recommend the NewsWatch team

Then there’s Contour Design who was launching an ergonomic workstation and wanted to market the product on tv and online to increase exposure and sales. After working with NewsWatch they saw a dramatic increase in sales and were blown away by the high quality of video that the NewsWatch team produced.

Saygus Smartphone had aggressive campaign goals and NewsWatch was able to help them deliver the right marketing message to the right target market and Saygus credits them with connecting their message to exactly what their audience wanted.

Another success story was when the show helped Steelseries promote their gaming controllers and headphones with a series of reviews on the two products

NewsWatch TV guided SteelSeries with produced reviews on two separate projects to help promote the products offers. SteelSeries team members said it was great working with a producer that understood both the target market and how to leverage public relations

With a track record of so many happy successful companies touting you and a huge growing audience, we can probably count on another 1000 episodes from NewsWatch TV.