Hussain Sajwani Rises to The Occasion

As a young boy in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani worked long hours for his father in the family business, a variety store that sold Chinese imports, consumer goods, and office supplies. He spent a lot of time behind the counter waiting on customers and learning the trade.

He remarked to his father that he would probably never be a self-employed businessman because the hours were too long. He would rather get a degree and be a professional and work regular hours.

Sajwani did go to college as he was awarded a scholarship to the University of Washington in the United States where he earned degrees in economics and engineering. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

He returned to Dubai where he worked for a local gas company as an engineer.

That career ended, however, when he started a catering firm that provided food to the US Army during the Gulf War. He had great success with that venture and the company is still in business.

In 2002 Hussain Sajwani started the company DAMAC, a real estate development company.

The UAE had just announced the elimination of blocking the immigration of foreigners into the country. Sajwani was predicting a very large real estate boom because of this. DAMAC was poised to provide luxury apartment and villas for well-to-do immigrants.

One of Sajwani’s major talents was that of promotion and marketing. He wasted no time getting started, a soon the DAMAC brand was well known all over the countryside. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Celebfamily and Hussain Sajwani | LinkedIn

In fact, the first project that he initiated was sold out before any construction had even begun. One of his trademark slogans was, “A New Bently For Each Apartment.”

People really loved Sajwani’s luxury dwellings as the apartments and villas sported stylish Italian interiors and sumptuous appointments.

He contracted with Donald Trump prior to Mr. Trump’s election to President of the US to build Tiger Woods-designed Trump golf courses in several of his properties.

Sajwnai used conservative business strategies in his business such as paying cash for his land purchases, financing very little of his construction and keeping separate bank accounts and accounting records for each property.

DAMAC has completed 19,000 apartments and has 44,000 more in various levels of construction since the inception of the company.

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Daniel Taub Biography

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain in 1962 and educated in Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree before joining higher learning institutions including Oxford University College, London University College, and later Harvard where he graduated. In 1989, he was employed in Israel where he worked both as a troop medic and reserve officer in the Israel Defense Force.


Daniel Taub is an international law expert, specialized in counter-terrorism and war laws. During his service in Israel, he held many diplomatic and political positions in the Israel Foreign Ministry. He was elected to the Israel Foreign Ministry in 1991 and since then he has worked in many diplomatic posts including the Israel ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015. As UNs legal adviser to Israel’s mission in UN headquarters in Geneva and New York, he also represented Israel in many peace forums. For the four years that Taub served as the Israel ambassador to the UK, he managed to double Israel-UK trade by improving business and cultural links between the two states.


Taub was also a part of the Israel-Palestinian peace process and served as a member of the board of diplomats who shared the Israel-Syrian negotiation. As a peace lover, he held the position of Israel’s observer delegation to the International Court of justice where he headed the hearing of how well to secure and maintain peace in Israel and its environs. He also represented Israel in the UN investigative committee following the Gaza flotilla incident and played a significant role in negotiating the entry of Israel’s Red Cross society into the International Red Cross Movement, after 70 years of Israel exclusion from the movement.


Today, Daniel Taub is the YadHanadiv foundation director of Strategy and Planning. He is also the founder and chief scriptwriter of the Israel drama series HeChatser, where he works to overcome the stereotypes of secular and religious division in Israel. He also lectures and writes on International law and negotiation theories. Besides serving YadHanadiv foundation as the chief director, he writes speeches for the Israel President Chaim Herzog.


Although his successor to the Israel Ambassador to the UK position has not been announced, the world believes that the next Israel ambassador to the UK will have to learn the skills that Taub used to overcome the indifference of the two countries to enhance business between the two nations. Daniel Taub once said that it is a good feeling to know that Israel and the UK relations are good and strong. Learn more: