Cameron Clokie Made It Happen In Toronto

Dr, Cameron Clokie is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is also an entrepreneur who is the CEO of his own company, Induce Biologic, Inc. Dr. Clokie has more than two decades of experience in the health industry, and has held many positions during his employment.

Recently, Cameron has been recognized for his accomplishment with a bone regeneration surgery. He actually made the jaw bone of an elderly male grow back after it was lost due to a cancerous tumor. In this amazing feat the bone was made to grow just as that of a newborn.

To the delight of researchers, many thought that this was an impossible undertaking.

The patient who is the subject of this remarkable surgery is said to look much younger than his age due to his new jaw line. This was a major milestone for researchers and scientists who had only dreamed of tissue and bone regeneration.

In another case of a twenty year old female who had a benign tumor that was swelled on the right side of her face, Dr. Clokie performed the same surgery.

This happened about two years later than the first. The second patient would have died if her tumor had been left untreated. It would have distorted her face and continued to grow until it choked her to death.

Slightly different from the first patient who underwent the regeneration surgery, the young woman’s tumor also involved bone and joint.

Although she had traditional surgery, her jaw and bone had to be replaced. This was done by taking twelve centimeters of bone that was carved from her shin to put into her jaw. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: and

The first patient, the elderly man, only had to endure a four hour surgery, whereas the young woman was in surgery for nineteen hours and a longer hospital stay. She also had to undergo another surgery to further build her jaw bone.

At a U of T Conference, the Chairperson of Canada Research remarked that this was a very important innovation in the tissue regeneration research. This was a very expensive procedure and Dr. Clokie wants to find a way to bring the cost down.