The Neo

      He has worked with countless other brands and businesses ever since 1982, but none have ever been quite like this special one – how could they, when Neogama is his own business that he began from the roots up? He planted its seed. He slowly and patiently watered and cared for its every need. He now sees the end result of his harvest and is not disappointed in the least bit – Neogama delivers!

Did you know that Gama also had the chance to study at the AARP – Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – in Brazil? How cool is this unique opportunity? While there, he double majored in advertising and communications. He has also worked for Ogilvy and Mather.

One thought on “The Neo

  1. Neogama is the business that Alexandre Gama is best known for, also the special case that he has given as long as he can remember’s concentration into – in any event up until now. It is also really easy for to carry out all of these things which is very good to maintain and it is steadily a way for getting things across.

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