Stopping Inmate Drug Use with Securus Technologies

I am employed by the state as one of several corrections officers in the prison. In my last ten years, I have seen drug use rise so dramatically that it has become an epidemic in the jails. These inmates are dangerous enough without the drugs, but add in the mix heroin or crack, and things go from bad to deadly in a flash. We have several resources we are using to try and slow down the flow of drugs, but it can get overwhelming at times.


Our supervisor instructed me and my team that the team at Securus Technologies was in the process of installing a new inmate call system in the prison, and it was going to help us with the drug issues in the jail. We have come to trust Securus Technologies over the years, due in part to the CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees who all believe the work they are doing is going to make the world a safer place. We planned on putting that objective to the test immediately.


Once we were all trained to use the LBS software, we began to monitor the calls to see if it could indeed help us to curb the flow of drugs to the inmates. To my surprise, that first hour we already had some solid evidence. One of the calls that was being monitored picked up on some chatter between one of the inmates and his brother, taking about drug use in the cell after dark. The next call revealed how some inmates were getting drugs from visitors, and yet another revealed where drugs were being hidden in the prison.


Needless to say, we immediately rush to those areas of the jail when we get information so we can put a quick stop to the inmates drug use, and it has made an impression.


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  1. It’s quite unfortunate that despite the efforts of the authorities to curb drug use in prisons that the manace seems only to be gathering strength. This is why Securus Technologies and the solutions that they bring to aid prison workers is so timely. have got some good description of their efforts in reducing drug use in prisons and hence reduce the crimes committed there.

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