Syrian Migrants are Relocating for a Better Life

One of the main type of migrant categories that impacts the world today has to deal with the Syrian refugee crises. In the Spring of 2011 thousands of Syrian citizens poured out into the streets to publicly protest President Bashar al-Assad’s rule of the country.

President al-Assad responded harshly to the protest. The Syrian protestors eventually became armed rebels. Now, an ongoing conflict had begun and the country of Syria was thrust into a civil war.

As a result of this action, millions of Syrian citizens were displaced from their homes. They had no choice but to leave the country. Many Syrian people fled into areas such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Europe.

Many of these refugees have entered into these countries without any resources and has placed a large strain on these economies. The refugees entering into Europe and other nations cannot be sent back into Syria. They will definitely be placed back into harm’s way.

The problem that many refugees are facing is that they are not always welcomed into the territories they are trying to escape. This is especially true for Syrian refugees trying to get into Europe to start a better life.

Many European countries (especially those from the European Union) are dealing with refugees as migrants. They are processing them into their nation by using their immigration laws.

Keep in mind that most European nations are well funded. However, they tend to have small populations and limited space. It is estimated that at least 1.3 million refugees arrived into Europe in 2015 and by 2017 those numbers were significantly higher. Hundreds of thousands of these refugees were indeed from Syria. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Most refugees settled into nations such as Hungary, Sweden, Austria and Germany. The nation of German use to lead the way in terms of accepting refugees but this now has shifted to the countries of Hungary, Sweden and Austria.

The Council on Foreign relations and the International Organization of Migration report that the Syrian migrants coming into Europe is going to increase over the long run. The Syrian Civil War is not over and President al-Assad remains in power. Migrant groups everywhere have to monitor the rights of people who have been displaced by armed conflict or who must leave their land for a better chance at life. In the case of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, migrant rights are essential.

In 2007 both of these men had experienced a serious violation of their rights in 2007. They were arrested by a corrupt sheriff from Phoenix, Arizona. Their only crime was that they spoke out against his unjust practices. They simply were arrested and put into jail for using their 1st amendment right to speak freely. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund developed from this situation. Now, this fund is used to support various migration organizations that exist throughout the state of Arizona. Lacey and his associate Larkin want to ensure that Arizona based U.S. migrants are not being harassed or harmed by federal, state and local officials.

Doe Deere, Unicorn Queen and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a unique entrepreneur who has received recognition on several occasions for excelling in the competitive industry of makeup. Doe serves as the founder of a successful Internet brand known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime mainly specializes in bold and beautiful colors that are used as lipstick, eye shadow, and blush. According to Doe Deere, using these bold and bright colors brings out her clients’ natural features.


Doe Deere’s Morning Routine

On a daily basis, Doe Deere starts her day at 8:30 a.m without the hell of an alarm clock. Doe ensures that she gets at least nine hours of sleep because her secret to having clear skin is the much-needed rest. Deere resides in Los Angeles where being hydrated is key because the air is very dry. As a result, she starts her day by drinking a glass of water.


Doe Deere is not athletic, but she tries to do some stretches before making breakfast. Her favorite meal is a hot cereal know as grits as well as fruits, fresh orange juice, and yogurt. Deere uses her phone calendar to run her daily schedules and an internal company chatting system to communicate with her team before she reaches the office. Also, her response rate on Instagram and to emails is quite fast throughout the day.


About Lime Crime

In 2008, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime as a side business venture to her company for clothing. During that time, the makeup industry did not accommodate bright colors, only natural looks. As a result, she was motivated to create her own brand of makeup to fit with her clothing business. Since then, Deere’s business venture continues to be successful as she continues to attract a loyal customer base.


Doe studied at FIT in New York City where she majored in fashion design. According to Doe, her fans are considered to be unicorns, people who are different from society but are bold and brave to experiment different shades of lipstick. She has a solid online presence on social media platforms like Instagram where she displays new bold looks which she pairs well with her bright clothing.


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Stopping Inmate Drug Use with Securus Technologies

I am employed by the state as one of several corrections officers in the prison. In my last ten years, I have seen drug use rise so dramatically that it has become an epidemic in the jails. These inmates are dangerous enough without the drugs, but add in the mix heroin or crack, and things go from bad to deadly in a flash. We have several resources we are using to try and slow down the flow of drugs, but it can get overwhelming at times.


Our supervisor instructed me and my team that the team at Securus Technologies was in the process of installing a new inmate call system in the prison, and it was going to help us with the drug issues in the jail. We have come to trust Securus Technologies over the years, due in part to the CEO Rick Smith and his 1,000 employees who all believe the work they are doing is going to make the world a safer place. We planned on putting that objective to the test immediately.


Once we were all trained to use the LBS software, we began to monitor the calls to see if it could indeed help us to curb the flow of drugs to the inmates. To my surprise, that first hour we already had some solid evidence. One of the calls that was being monitored picked up on some chatter between one of the inmates and his brother, taking about drug use in the cell after dark. The next call revealed how some inmates were getting drugs from visitors, and yet another revealed where drugs were being hidden in the prison.


Needless to say, we immediately rush to those areas of the jail when we get information so we can put a quick stop to the inmates drug use, and it has made an impression.


Madison Street Capital’s Valuation And Capitalization Services

Madison Street Capital is one of the finest valuation companies in the world, and they are helping many different businesses that require valuation reports. Valuations that are completed by the company are helpful when a business wishes to make changes to their next business deal. The deals that are made with these reports are done in good faith, and Madison Street ensures that the money changes hands properly.


#1: There Are Many Businesses To Value


The values on these businesses are found using simple techniques, and they will search until they have found all the items that add up to the total value of the company. There are companies that wish to study their industries, and someone who is learning about their industry may compare their company to other companies around them. They may learn how they are keeping up with other companies in their industry, and they will make changes to their businesses in the proper manner.


#2: Selling Shares And Merging


Selling shares in a company or merging with another company is important, and someone who wishes to make changes to the way they are managing their business. It is quite simple for someone to sell shares of their business, and they may merge with a company that wishes to buy out part of their firm. The valuation report tells them exactly what they may charge for their shares, and they will learn quickly how easy it is to close the deal.


#3: The Madison Street Capital Reputation


The Madison Street staff will ensure that they offer an accurate rendering of a valuation report, and they will help complete sales or capitalizations that are required. The company will host all transactions in their office, and the will help their clients sign deals that are made using the reports they created. The Madison Street team will bring in all parties on the deal, and there are many people who will ensure that they are protected when they are making purchases.


The Madison Street Capital staff has been awarded many times for the work they do in valuation. The industry needs more companies such as this, and they are building a better brand that will help people change their businesses. They may join with new partners, and they may take on new stakeholders. The shares that are purchased are priced based on what Madison Street Capital has told their customers.


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George Soros Speaks for the Discriminated People in the Society

George Soros is an American billionaire who has distaste for oppression and dictatorship. From his donations and affiliation to the Democratic Party, George Soros can be referred to as a liberal. To further emphasize his stand in this, he strongly opposes some of the conservative agendas such as opposing religious reforms, criminal justice reforms and immigration reforms. Soros may have been shaped to become a liberal from the things that he has faced in his life. For instance, he was born in Hungary under the occupation of Nazi. When growing up, he witnessed the persecution of many Jews and barely managed to survive. However, his father came to his rescue by offering him fake passports and identity. When he could take it no more, George Soros decided to go out and achieve his dreams elsewhere. It was during this time that he relocated to the United Kingdom and took odd jobs.

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During his time in the United Kingdom, the founder of Soros Fund Management would work as a tout at one time and as a waiter. He later enrolled in the London School of Economics where he mastered the art of finance. During the past American Presidential elections, George Soros made a donation of $25 million to the Democratic Party. According to reports obtained by the Politico from the Information Revenue Service, these funds were meant to help Hillary Clinton defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump. Before this donation, George Soros had donated another $25 billion to the Democratic Party in the year 2004.

Since graduating from London School of Economics, George Soros has been associated with many ventures and philanthropic efforts. His most notable philanthropic body is the Open Society Foundation that he uses to fund Democratic efforts across the world. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations. Other than the United States of America, George Soros has helped restore democracy in many countries such as Ukraine, Burma, South Africa and several South American countries. Back in the States, George Soros has been a friend to Hillary Clinton for over 25 years. Despite his political affiliation, George Soros was more motivated during last year elections as he felt a lot was at stake. Learn more on about George Soros.

Despite failing to help Clinton become the president, George Soros has continued his commitment to helping build a better America. Following the defeat of his preferred candidate, Soros and other rich donors of the Democratic Party held a three-day closed-door meeting in Washington to accustom themselves with the lessons that had emerged from the election. This billionaire often speaks for the people who are discriminated for who they are. This includes people like the LGBTI, sex workers, and drug users.