Kim Dao Q and A With Eric

Kim Dao and her boyfriend Eric have been together for six years as of September 30, 2016. The couple met at a Japanese club in college. Kim Dao is five years her boyfriend’s junior. They are both Asians from Australia. We do not know his last name. This Q and A is about Kim Dao and her six year long distance relationship. Even though she has been in Japan for about a year, and he is in Australia, they talk on the phone every evening and sometimes they Skype. There is only one hour difference that separates Japan and Australia. Kim Doa quit her job in Australia because she always wanted to live in Japan before she gets married. This Q and A video was recorded in Singapore when the couple reunited after a five month separation. Despite this long courtship, Kim Dao hopes that in 10 years they will be married with three dogs and some kids. She hopes she is married to her current boyfriend. Eric wants to start with one dog and see what happens after that.


Kim Dao likes that her boyfriend Eric is trustworthy, a nice person who is good to her. He also is understanding of her desire to live in Japan for awhile and is certainly accommodating when it comes to their long distance relationship. He respects that Kim Dao is a young woman with goals. At 25, she knows what she wants to do with her life. She’s independent and very sweet.

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  1. Long distance relationship for me is not always easy to be in based on experiences people have had in the past but Kim seems to be enjoying it. How she does it is what interests me. most of the celebrities that I have known don’t often have a lasting relationship not to talk of a long distance relationship like the one Kim is into with her boyfriend.

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