How Doe Deere’s Desire for Color Led to Her Current Success

Doe Deere has definitely made a name for herself in the beauty industry, but her first big dream was to become a musician. This Russian born entrepreneur came to the United States when she was a teen, where she grew up within the dynamic atmosphere of New York City. She actually formed a band where she met the man who would later become her partner both in marriage and business. As a child, Doe always had big dreams for herself. At the young age of 13 she started her first enterprising business by selling tattoos to her friends at school.


Although Doe Deere ended up making a name for herself in the field of beauty, she does not regret having spent her young adult years in a band. She believes it helped her learn important aspects about the world of business that she has been able to put to good use in her present career. She also emphases to others the importance of following their own inner passion. Although she had started out as a musician, she had always had a passion for creativity. It was this passion that eventually led her to create her own line of brightly colored cosmetics.


Lime Crime Cosmetics


As a person who had always gravitated toward the bold and unusual, Ms. Deere wanted to compliment the styles of her outfits with vivid eye shadows and lipsticks. She quickly discovered that the current lines of makeup offered by other manufacturers did not include the type of colors she wanted to use to express her unique sense of fashion. In fact, she often describes the products available at that time as being very natural or neutral in color.


Doe Deere often comments on how she believes makeup should be used as a means of expression. Her line of Lime Crime cosmetics was formed to allow people greater freedom in the type of products they could use. She also views makeup as an extension of fashion, for which she does know a bit about since she is a graduate from FIT in New York. After launching her line of Lime Crime cosmetics, Doe was pleasantly surprised at how many other people had been waiting for the same type of bold, vibrant colors as she had.


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