Michael Zomber And What Artifacts Mean To Him

Whenever there’s an artifact found from American history or Japanese culture, Michael Zomber just might be the man who knows about it or purchases it. He just recently acquired a Bowie knife from the pre Civil War period at the renowned Sotheby’s auction that was said to be used in an assassination attempt on abolitionist leader John Brown.

Zomber has been writing books about this period and this knife is something of great significance to Zomber who has owned a collection of weapons both from ancient times and American historical times, including weapons owned by George Washington and Latin American independence leader Simon Bolivar.

According to PR News Wire, Michael Zomber has had a tremendous love for history and historical fiction books, and he read a lot of novels as a young man. He attended the University of Illinois where he got his bachelor’s degree in both psychology and English writing, and he got his master’s in literature from UCLA.

He’s been featured several times on series from the History channel, including Tales of the Gun which took the audience back in time to see how firearms evolved through the years.

Michael Zomber even got some inspiration from personal hardships he went through. Just like the main character in the Shawshank Redemption movie, Zomber also was at one time wrongfully imprisoned and had to fight a tough legal battle to get out. But while there he mentored fellow inmates just like Andy Dufresne and helped them complete their education.

He also wrote several novels while incarcerated about justice and how the main characters fought a battle to restore their good name, including a novel called Shogun Iemitsu.

Zomber’s film company is Renascent Films, and here he’s produced documentaries on Samurai culture including Soul of the Samurai. Renascent Films also distributed a film about a Mexican farmer who was faced with many choices called La Cucaracha.

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