Jason Halpern – Taking JMH Development To New Heights Of Success

JMH Development is one of the highly respected real estate development firms that primarily focuses on the development of luxurious commercial and residential projects. The founder of the company is Jason Halpern, who currently serves as the Managing Director and Principal of JMH Development. The company has completed projects valued at over $500 Million in New York alone. JMH Development is a boutique development firm is what Jason likes to call it because of the focus of the company to provide exclusive and brand oriented properties that suit the contemporary demands of the modern consumers.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

JMH Development has many upscale projects completed and currently under process in metropolitan areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami Beach, which speaks a lot about the company’s prime focus of developing properties in high growth areas.


However, JMH Development and its team of the architect under the strategic guidance of Jason Halpern were able to pull off the project into a luxurious apartment complex, which is one of its kinds in the area. One other project undertaken successfully by Jason was Cobble Hill Project that consists of 9 residential townhouses. The project is located in Brooklyn, one other region where the company has many other projects under construction.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH Development has been highly active in the real estate space in the New York State, and the company has completed a range of small, medium and large scale projects in both commercial and residential sector. For over half a century, JMH Development has been on the forefront of the real estate scene in the state. Jason belongs to the line of real estate developers and is the third generation in the real estate business. One of the major achievements of the company has been to add millions of square feet of commercial space in the highly developing Westchester County. It has spiraled the economic growth of the region and bought many small, medium and large businesses to the area.


Jason Halpern, apart from being a successful real estate developer and businessman, is also a respected philanthropist. He is associated with the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. He through his company participates in many different charitable causes and actively encourages Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the communities where the company is active. As a firm believer of giving back to the society, Jason Halpern actively makes monetary contributions to various charitable causes and also participates as a volunteer in many of the charity based activities. Jason encourages his employees as well to volunteer in different social and charitable causes.


Adam Milstein Shows The Long Road Leads To The Greatest Success

Real estate partner, Adam Milstein, of the private investment firm Hager Pacific Properties for commercial real estate, discussed how his personal drive and commitment has allowed him to succeed in life. When he graduated from college with an MBA in entrepreneurship he was surprised and disappointment at the job offers being presented to him. He knew that his personal learning and experiences, along with his well earned college degree, should be worth more in the business sector. So instead of settling with what was being presented, Milstein decided he could do better on his own.

He began as a real estate commercial broker, and once he found success in that he moved on to real estate investor. Through his trials and tribulations he found that slow and steady earned the greatest rewards. He continues this pace even today. Milstein is a firm believer that all persons must do the work themselves and he practices this idea in his everyday business. Engaging in every task and making contact with every professional project he has, Milstein shows that being responsible for his career means doing it himself.
Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952 to parents who had immegrated from South America.

In 1974, after his mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he earned a Bachelors Degree in business and economics while working with his father in the real estate sector of Israel. In 1983 he moved his family to the United States where he earned his MBA from the University of Southern California and set off to succeed as an entrepreneur in America.
Milstein is just as engaged in philanthropy as he is in his business. He has very strong ties to his Jewish faith and Israeli upbringing that he works hard to give back to.

He and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that sponsors education to help young people identify with the Jewish culture and background and be proactive with the state of Israel. He sits on the board of several foundations such as the Jewish Funders Network, Israel On Campus Coalition, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. He has also recently started a podcast with enlightening conversations with everyone from elected officials to activist to speak on Israeli and Jewish topics.

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Leading the Capital Group to Glory

With over thirty years of investment experience, all with Capital Group, Timothy Armour has taken on the position of the chair at the same company and is bound to lead it to greater success and glory following the demise of former Chairman James Rothenberg in 2005. Tim Armour began his career at Capital Group in 1983 as a participant in The Associate’s program. He then made his way up to becoming an equity investment analyst covering global telecommunications and U.S service companies.

As the chair, Armour will work in conjunction with other senior members of the firm including Capital president Phil de Toledo and Capital Research and Management Company president Rob Lovelace, to effectively carry out the company’s undertakings and guiding principles.

On Jim Rothenberg’s demise, Tim confirmed in a statement that Capital Group was deeply grieved by the loss of a friend and colleague. Armour also continued to mention that the strength of the company was collective and drew from the talents and skills of each and every staff member that was dedicated to providing long-term investment results.

The Capital Group which is based in Los Angeles, California, was launched in 1931 and is recognized worldwide as one of the largest and oldest investment management institutions. The company has more than 20 offices in different cities including London, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Moving forward, the company announced its partnership with Samsung Asset Management in a bid to collaborate on global investment and management opportunities that extend to the Korean market. Specifically, the two firms will focus on four key areas: product supervision, investment administration, support for distribution channels and retirement organization.

In a statement, Armour said that the Koreans are dealing with statistical challenges regarding the aging population and their financial requirements. According to him, the company will help to re-design the investment result for the Korean market.

She acknowledged that with over $1.4 trillion in assets and more than 7,000 staff members and employees, the company continues to provide quality investment options that have reliable and long-lasting results.

In her report, Yang noted that Capital Global continues to shine despite the overwhelming increase in the number of competitors. This is mainly attributed to the robust, stable investment culture that has been planted by portfolio managers such as Armour who continuously devote their efforts for the success of the company. Armour holds a bachelor’s degree in the field of economics attained from Middlebury College.

Michael Zomber And What Artifacts Mean To Him

Whenever there’s an artifact found from American history or Japanese culture, Michael Zomber just might be the man who knows about it or purchases it. He just recently acquired a Bowie knife from the pre Civil War period at the renowned Sotheby’s auction that was said to be used in an assassination attempt on abolitionist leader John Brown.

Zomber has been writing books about this period and this knife is something of great significance to Zomber who has owned a collection of weapons both from ancient times and American historical times, including weapons owned by George Washington and Latin American independence leader Simon Bolivar.

According to PR News Wire, Michael Zomber has had a tremendous love for history and historical fiction books, and he read a lot of novels as a young man. He attended the University of Illinois where he got his bachelor’s degree in both psychology and English writing, and he got his master’s in literature from UCLA.

He’s been featured several times on series from the History channel, including Tales of the Gun which took the audience back in time to see how firearms evolved through the years.

Michael Zomber even got some inspiration from personal hardships he went through. Just like the main character in the Shawshank Redemption movie, Zomber also was at one time wrongfully imprisoned and had to fight a tough legal battle to get out. But while there he mentored fellow inmates just like Andy Dufresne and helped them complete their education.

He also wrote several novels while incarcerated about justice and how the main characters fought a battle to restore their good name, including a novel called Shogun Iemitsu.

Zomber’s film company is Renascent Films, and here he’s produced documentaries on Samurai culture including Soul of the Samurai. Renascent Films also distributed a film about a Mexican farmer who was faced with many choices called La Cucaracha.