Oncotarget Was Built For Medical Researchers Who Need An Open Forum

The medical field is filled with many people doing research who wish to share what they have learned. They often send their research to major medical journals, but there is no guarantee their research will be picked up by the journal. Oncotarget has ensured there is an open forum for the medical research that flies under the radar. This article shows how Oncotarget helps every researcher publish their work for the world to see.

#1: It Is An Open Forum

The journal is open to all, and everyone who wishes to read may do so after starting their account. Oncotarget ensures researchers have a place to share what they have learned, and they may submit multiple studies to the journal for publication. Being open to the medical world ensures everyone with a fine study may publish. Publishing is a requirement for many, and they find what they need when Oncotarget takes their study on.

#2: The Panel Reviews All Studies

There is a fine panel that reviews studies for the journal, and they walk through each new study with the researchers on oncotarget.com. They offer their input to aid in future research, and they prevent researchers from feeling as if they are shouting in the dark when they are completing their work.

#3: Where May Readers Find The Archives?

Archives for the Oncotarget journal are found online, and readers may order the journals online if they wish to read them in print. It is quite possible to find an old journal issue, and the issues have the full copy for the study. All the credits for the studies are listed, and medical professionals may contact the researchers when they wish to learn more about their studies.

The finest research in the medical community is completed in places where the science is not likely to be published. These researchers need a new sort of journal to publish with. They may advance their careers with the journal on ResearchGate.net, and they may use the journal to make a name for themselves. Every new medical study that does not make its way to the largest journals will find a home at Oncotarget with its beautiful website, fine studies and distinguished panel.

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