Lime Crime Brings Their Customers High Quality Cosmetics In Every Color Of The Rainbow


Lime Crime cosmetics has become a household name in the last few years. The creator of the makeup company is Doe Deere. Doe Deere has a passion for color, makeup, and fashion that translates into a mesmerizing blend of unique offerings that has made the Lime Crime cosmetic company incredibly successful.

One of the keys to Lime Crime’s success is its strong media presence. They are extremely active on most major social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They love to post photos of satisfied customers wearing their makeup wich helps to solidify strong relationships with their clients that are more personal than the average makeup company. Their customers love the variety of high quality and brightly colored makeup products that they offer. They were one of the first companies to offer unusual and brightly colored makeup products that help people express themselves.


Some of the most popular products are their lip colors. There are iridescent Perlees lip color and the matte Velvetines lip color, both of which are available on Both are dramatic and long lasting. Makeup enthusiasts are in love with the vibrant, long-wearing lip colors. There is a wide variety of shades in both lip color lines that range from neutral to bright and bold.


Doe Deere realizes how important it is to produce quality and cruelty-free cosmetics for everyone that seeks color to enjoy. She works hands-on to create and market the products that her company creates. She can be found in the lab, or the board room at any given time. She oversees every aspect of the process personally.

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