Trader Jim Hunt – CEO of VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is one of the leading financial advisers. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of VTA Publications. Jim has considerably achieved in the stock market. He is well versed with the ability to foresee market trends with extreme levels of accuracy. Jim Hunt is an expert, and a top-level investor in stocks and bonds investment. Presently, Jim Hunt commits himself to providing investment tips to new investors on the best methods of making investments successful. Additionally, he also provides strategic investment outlines teaching average investors on the techniques of investing safely. Jim Hunt does all this through his company named VTA Publications.

As a company, VTA Publications was established in 2012. Its headquarters office is located in Norfolk. For over three years, VTA Publications has been at the front in operations amongst the non-fiction publishers. The company specializes in publishing long distance learning courses. Tuition assistance is offered by VTA Publications course for customers who want to make investments in their future, but are unable to afford the fees at that moment. Jim Hunt’s course learning video tutorials can be accessed with ease online. Besides, Jim Hunt shares information on successful trading freely through his You Tube account.

Also, VTA Publications acts as a booking agent focusing on events, and seminars of this nature. VTA’s information services and creations have been enjoyed by thousands of customers worldwide since its beginning in 2012.

VTA Publications aims at providing cutting-edge information, which is delivered to clients both digitally and physically. This information is specialized in the fields of finance, and economics. The company aims to obtain the very best professionals in these two areas from around the globe. These experts should have the ability to bring the company’s experience and tradecraft to its customers directly in formats that are simple-to-use.

Furthermore, VTA Publications also launched the Wealth Wave, which is an investment strategy that is simple-to-use by customers.

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